Man buns: A lot of people love them, a lot of people hate them, but regardless of your feelings about them, the dudes who choose to wear them should be able to do so in peace. But for one college campus, this hairdo  is just too much to handle, and therefore it has been outlawed.

According to Brigham Young University Idaho’s school newspaper, disciplinary action against those who decide to rock a man bun on campus. “We would consider the ‘man-bun’ to be an extreme hairstyle,” said Tyler Barton, Student Honor Administrator. “It’s just something that deviates from the norm.”



Interestingly enough, students that were interviewed regarding the policy, agreed that the man buns should be outlawed. Many said it was a distracting hairstyle and could have an affect on the school’s reputation. “I don’t think they’re appropriate, just like with shaving, and appropriate groom and dress — I feel like it raises the standard of our education and we’re expected to have a clean appearance, and I don’t think man buns don’t really represent what our unique university stands for,” said Allison Astel, a junior at the college.

BYU-Idaho is a private school that is owned by the Church of Latter Day Saints. All students are required to follow what the school calls an “honor code,” which includes dress and grooming standards, abstinence from extramarital sex and abstinence for drugs and alcohol.

It seems to us, if you were going to attend such a conservative college, that maybe you wouldn’t want to wear a man bun, but it is trendy as all hell, so you know…

Do you think man buns should be outlawed everywhere?