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This week on Mascot Monday: the Oregon State Beavers.

Oregon State Beavers Logo(image via)

Is it just me or do Oregon universities pick the best mascots?  I mean, the University of Oregon has the Ducks and Oregon State University has the Beavers.  You seriously can’t get much better than that even if you tried.  What makes the Oregon State Beavers such an awesome mascot is clearly its originality.  I can’t ever recall seeing a beaver used for a mascot, whether it’s high school or college.  But before we go any further, allow us to bring you up to speed on the Beavers’ history.

According to Benny Beaver’s Wikipedia page, the school’s newspaper was the first organization on campus to adopt the nickname as early as 1908.  The university’s yearbook soon adopted the name “The Beaver” in 1916 and is widely credited as solidifying the beaver as the school’s official mascot.  The nickname was so well received that even students from the University of Oregon approved of the new name.  Now that’s saying a lot when even your arch-rival likes your mascot.

Benny The Beaver - Oregon State University Beavers - Mascot Monday(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

As many of you may know, Oregon State recently upgraded its official logo.  Not to say the old logo wasn’t any good, it’s just that the new one is that much better.  The new logo is much sleeker and more modern than its predecessor.  And I think I think it was a much smarter move to finally incorporate more orange into the logo.  While the old logo portrays the beaver as goofy and soft, the new and improved logo represents a much stronger and powerful image of the OSU athletics program.

If there is anything that deserves to remain the same in Corvalis, it’s the Beavers’ mascot, Benny.  There’s a reason why the mascot hasn’t been altered despite sweeping changes to Oregon State’s image: you can’t mess with perfection.  As far as I’m concerned, you really can’t get much better than Benny.  He maintains the perfect balance between friendliness and intimidation.  Over the years, Benny has generated a huge fan base that extends far beyond the confines of Corvalis.  And I can easily see why.

 What do you think of the Oregon State University Beavers?

Featured Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images