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This is a guest post by Natalie Bracco on how to maximize your brainpower.

Studying can be difficult, especially if you are juggling a full school schedule and a job or a family, or a combination of all of those. With just a little preparation, you can make sure to maximize your brainpower and study more effectively.

Schedule Your Time

schedule your time to maximize your brain power

Create a schedule and stick to it. If you can, schedule the same time each day for studying and homework. If you are not worrying about doing something else that you think you should be doing, your study time will be more effective. You will only be concentrating on the subject you are studying. It doesn’t matter if you are just taking one class or a full load at an accredited online college, you’ll need to make your studying as effective as possible. (image via)

Set Goals

set goals to maximize your brainpower

Use your schedule to set specific goals. For instance, if you are studying a lengthy book, determine how many pages you will need to read each day. By studying in chunks of time, you’ll be better to understand and absorb the information. You may need to adjust the time you have set aside should you find that you are not completing the task in the time you allotted. (image via)

Use a Designated Study Space

use a designated study space

Create a study space that is quiet and free from distractions. Make sure that you have all the items required for your study time. This can include your computer, paper and pens, a calculator and other such study essentials. You don’t want to spend valuable study time looking for materials and equipment. Studies have indicated that having music on in the background can actually improve recall. However, having the television on has the opposite effect. (image via)

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

maintain a healthy lifestyle

Your brain needs to be fed to be able to function correctly. Skipping meals, eating on an irregular schedule, and eating unhealthy foods will cause you to feel tired. This will make you less able to concentrate on your studies. Make sure you get plenty of sleep. Nothing can make studying more difficult than trying to stay awake. In addition to getting good amounts of sleep, make sure you sleep on a regular schedule. Staying awake long into the night cramming is generally considered counterproductive. (image via)

Get Regular Exercise

get regular exercise

Maintaining a regular exercise routine will also help your studies. You will feel more energized, and the increase in circulation will help you concentrate for longer periods of time. One suggestion is to break up your study periods with a period of a few exercises. Perhaps you just walk or jog around the block, or do a few exercises right there in your study area. This physical activity can help clear your head and refresh you both mentally and physically. (image via)

Study with a Partner

study with a partner

Finding and working with a study partner will help your studies. Having another person to bounce ideas off of will let you “think outside of the box”, especially if you are studying a complex subject, or perhaps working on a design project. Studying with another person will also keep you on course. (image via)

These tips can help you and your brain get the most out of your study time.

Do you have any other tips to maximize your brainpower?

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