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Tensions at colleges across America are growing for many reasons, one of them is student debt.

According to Reuters, students from campuses all over the country are planning to walk out of classrooms on Thursday around 3pm to protest student loan debt. They are advocating for tuition-free public colleges and a minimum wage hike for campus workers.

The events have collectively been dubbed the Million Student March, and thousands of students are expected to participate.  “We are people of all colors, genders, and sexual orientation, and we are united to fight for education as a human right,” the movement’s statement reads.

According to the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the total volume of outstanding U.S. student loan debt is more than $1.2 trillion — TRILLION.

Speaking as a college graduate who currently has over $80,000 in student debt, I obviously agree with the students and their protest — so long as it is peaceful. Having this much debt to my name has inhibited me in ways I didn’t think of when I was first starting college.

Another person who understands where the students are coming from is Bernie Sanders. The Democratic hopeful supports the protest, and has said if he is elected, he would make tutor free and public universities and colleges, and said he was cut interests rates for student loans.

It’s still early in the day… we will update you with further information as it comes in.

Are you participating in the Million Student March?