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Melissa Scott is the University of New Haven CampusRiot Campus Representative

You’re filled with awe and wonder on your first day on campus.

despicable me minions in awe gif

But once you get started, the work load and the price you pay for textbooks becomes less appealing.

despicable me minion walking away gif

Some of the classes (cough cough, most classes) you have to take you might sit there like this:

despicable me minion what gif

And very few will feel like a breeze, like you’ve actually learned something in 12 years of schooling.

despicable me minion flying gif

Your relationship with your friends or roommates can be like this:

despicable me minions gif

Or, worst case scenario, something like this:

despicable me minions fighting gif

But you know you’ve found the right ones when you can act like this:

despicable me minions butt gif

And treat them like this:

despicable me minions umbrella gif

For your first college party, you’ll be super excited!

despicable me minions dancing gif

But after a while, partying becomes something like this to you:

despicable me minions gif 2

When you like someone, you will think you look smooth when talking to them.

despicable me minions rawr gif

But in reality, you’re as subtle as this:

despicable me minions be do be do be do gif

No matter what anyone tells you, relationships don’t change in college. The person that likes you will treat you and think of you like this:

despicable me minion on the beach gif

And unfortunately, you still tend to go for the person that treats you like this:

despicable me 2 minions gif

After your first finals week, some professors leave you feeling like this:

despicable me minions tased gif

So you’ll realize that going home can be the best thing ever after a long, hard semester or year!

despicable me minions closing the door gif

Mainly because you have a longing for desirable food.

despicable me minions banana gif

The minions suggest you take it all in stride and enjoy.

Before you know it, it will be graduation!

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