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This past weekend I was looking for new One Direction posters for my wall browsing the magazine selection at the check-out line when a cover story caught my eye: “Girls Who Rock”. I’ve loved female rock musicians ever since I saw the Donnas as The Electrocutes in Drive Me Crazy. When Kristen Stewart played Joan Jett in The Runaways I just about lost all my marbles. The soundtrack to that movie haunts me in my dreams, nightmares, day dreams, visions of the great future, etc. Anyway, I flipped open the magazine and was greatly disappointed. Miley. Demi. Ariana. Look, I’m not saying they do not rock. They totally do. Great singers(ish). Miley covered an Arctic Monkeys tune like a bo$$. But what about the others? There are thousands of female rock musicians out there that deserve to be recognized, and this is my way of serving them justice.

1. Lorde

She is 17 and far more talented than half the music industry. I think her biggest obstacle is getting people to give the rest of her album a chance, and not just judging it based off of her hit “Royals.” Sure, that song was as overplayed as Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty to Me” is today, but the rest of her debut album, Heroine, is not. If you like “Royals” you will like the rest of her tracks even more. The lyrics are gritty, the beat will put you in a trance, and it is unlike anything else on the radio today.


We’ve gone to great lengths before to express our love for HAIM. Three sisters (Este, Danielle and Alana) from California, play their own instruments, intense center parts, sound like Stevie Nicks…what isn’t there to love? To be honest, they probably should have been the cover photo for a magazine highlighting an article titled “Girls Who Rock.” Heck, they should have been the cover photo for a magazine highlighting an article titled “Boys Who Rock” because they rock harder than half the male artists out there. Don’t believe me? Check out “My Song 5” above.

3. Grace Potter

Grace Potter is the lead vocalist of Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, a rock band from Vermont. I love that the rest of the band is male, and I love that she sounds like Janis Joplin even more. Have you ever heard a chick sing a rock song and you think to yourself “I mean it’s okay, but she’s trying to hard to sound rock. This song was made for a guy.”? Yeah, I’ve thought that too, but not with Grace Potter. This girl was born to rock.

4. Isabella Manfredi

You may have not have yet heard of The Preatures (especially if you are a Top 40 tune junkie), but that is perfectly fine because now you have. They come from the land down under, and Ms. Isabella Manfredi takes the reigns on their lead vocals. She has jet black hair (yes, like Joan Jett), a blunt fringe, and an effortlessly screechy, soulful rock voice. I knew loved her when I heard her sing with Flume live, but I really really knew I loved her when she wasn’t afraid to admit that she has improved immensely as a musician just from “jamming with the boys.” Most chicks would either be intimidated and quit, or would act superior to them. However, Manfredi walked in, thought “Yeah, they rock harder than me, but I’ll catch up.” She learned, practiced, and did. Cool.

5. Sky Ferreira

A few weeks back we admitted to having a big, fat, obsessive girl crush on Sky Ferreira, and it is safe to say the love is still going strong. Listening to her music is like stepping into an ’80s time machine. Plus, she fits the part by saying, doing, and wearing whatever the hell she wants. Mick Jagger wouldn’t be half the rock legend that he is if he dressed in normal clothes and minded his manners. Sky isn’t necessarily trying to be different for the sake of raising eyebrows, but she definitely isn’t blending in either. She has the tracks to back up her edge, and thats all that really matters. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Brooklyn, New York area you should probably pencil sharpie in her charity gig coming up. You won’t regret it.

6. Potty Mouth

Speaking of gigs, we had the pleasure of seeing these ladies rock out this past weekend, and we’re already jonsing to see them live again. Potty Mouth consists of Abby, Ali, Victoria, and Ally, four girls that have been relentlessly traveling and playing gig after gig. The second they stepped on stage their presence gave off an air that made you very aware of the fact that they weren’t four girls messing around. They are four rock musicians ready to put on a show. If you do a bit of research of them you’ll find it follows the same theme. Their about me section on their Tumblr isn’t a cutesy story of how they met and squealed that they all played a different instrument and, like, totally fit together like a puzzle. Nope. It lists their album names and has a single group picture completely absent of smiles. Epic. Check out their latest album, Hell Bent.

7.  Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding may not be your initial thought when you think of the word “rock”, but she does. I mean, check out her live performance of “Explosions” above. It may not have a heavy hand in the electric guitar, but she has a set of pipes that could sing any track handed to her, half her head is shaved, and she is 100% about the music. It is also worth mentioning that she plays the guitar. Goodness gracious I love her.

8. Taylor Momsen

This girl never ceases to amaze me. In interviews, gigs, walking down the street, everything she does, she is all about the music. When she traded her extremely successful acting career (you can check out her acting skills on Gossip Girl as Jenny Humphrey, and uh, this) people mocked her. She started wearing fishnets and lingerie as her daily attire, and sort of looked like she bought every eyeliner stick Rite Aid had in stock. But when her band The Pretty Reckless began to play she shut every critic up. Momsen sort of reminds me of a sweet, girly version of Marilyn Manson, and something tells me she would love the comparison.

Who is your favorite female rock musician?

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