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I am not the word’s biggest Rom Com fan, and definitely not Rachel McAdams’ biggest fan either (sorry), so I was a little hesitant about going to see a screening of this movie, but the ability to go see a movie before it came out in theaters won me over.  This is not a movie I would choose to go see, but I ended up really enjoying it, it was not what I expected and that is a great thing.

About Time is about Tim Lake (played by Domhnall Gleeson, aka Bill Weasley), who at the ripe old age of 21 finds out that he has the ability to time travel, and revisit certain events from his past and re-do certain situations.  Tim decides that he is going to use this “power” to find love, and after striking out with a summer time crush, launches into a quest for his perfect woman.  He finds her, Mary (Rachel McAdams) pretty quickly, but just as quickly loses her when he goes back in time to help a friend.  Now he has to get very creative with his time travel, which gets a little stalker-y, but in a cute way, and figure out how he can meet Mary again (she has no idea who he even is, because since he changed time they never met).

This film is a really refreshing take on a comedy that has a strong romantic plot line.  Instead of following some damsel in distress or career driven woman looking for love, we have a pretty regular man who just wants to find the right someone.  There are also a lot of strong family values in this film, as Tim’s family is very important to him, and he will do just about anything to help his beloved little sister.  There are also some pretty hysterical moments in this film, like when Tim meets Mary’s American parents for the first time.

All of Tim’s time travelling really got me thinking.  What events would I go back to?  I’m sure a lot of us have plenty of times we would like to revisit and do-over, or maybe certain events or people we would just like to see over again.  Here are some of the things I bet a lot of us wish we could go back to:

In the film, the first event Tim goes back to is a New Year’s Eve party at which he acted pretty lame.  There’s at least one party we all wish we could go back to, if not to go in for a kiss we should have the first time, to stop ourselves from going in for a kiss that we shouldn’t have the first time.

If you did this:

jersey shore gif

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Or this:

drunk crying gif

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Or said something like this:

until I'm drunk

(gif via tumblr)

Then you might want to go back and maybe not.

Besides wishing I didn’t get black out drunk, I also wish I remembered more stuff from when I was a wee little child, so I think it would be nice to go back to some sort of family vacation and act like a kid again without being judged for acting like a kid as a 21 year old. Other grown-ups are so judgmental of other grown-ups that act like kids.  We all just want to play!

See, this is embarassing, and other grown-ups will judge you.

jesse pinkman dancing gif

 (gif via Buzzfeed)

But this is just cute.

girl in car gif  funny or die

Kids can do whatever they want.  If you did this as an adult (either a wheelie or riding in a toy car) you would be scorned.  Which stinks because those Barbie jeeps are awesome.  Being a kid again would be great (for a little while – I would come back to the present at bedtime.)

One of the things Tim does with his time travelling ability is to go back and spend one last day with a loved one that he lost (I won’t say who, no spoilers here).  A pet, a relative, or maybe just a friend you never see anymore; having one last adventure with someone would be awesome.  Super sad, but really awesome.

cute couple gif

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vampire diaries gif

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Don’t forget the pets.  Go hold your small kittens.

kitten gif

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(No collection of gifs would be complete without an adorable small animal.)

I apologize for ending this on a sad note, but the movie does the same thing, and I just wanted to make sure you are all prepared.  You’re welcome.

miley crying gif

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I’d say it is a must see, especially for people who usually avoid this type of movie.  Check out the trailer:

Stay tuned for an About Time giveaway soon! 😉