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Change is something all people react differently to. Sometimes that reaction could be positive, negative or even neutral. But it’s up to the person themselves to choose to whether reject the change or adjust to it. For me, the change from living on the West Coast with my family to suddenly living on the East Coast all alone was a huge, drastic change to which I am still steadily adjusting.

Moving from the West Coast to the East Coast definitely wasn’t easy. I was dead tired and jet lagged for the first couple days when I finally arrived on the East Coast. It sucked that I had to do orientation for the next couple days; I barely got to make up for my lost sleep since my days were jam packed with activities. I found out that the people here don’t care to use crosswalks correctly, and that they drive even crazier than those impatient people that would go into the opposite lane to the cut you off in Los Angeles. I already miss a lot of things about home, and it sucks that I can’t find some things here that were always easy to access in California (like good Asian food, an Asian market, and In-n-Out).

But there are some great things about moving out here. Being alone, I feel like I have a lot more independence. I get to try out a ton of new things I’ve never done before. I’m making some great new friends and meetings lots of new people from all over the United States. The variety of accents I hear here is fascinating and it takes some time for the amazement to wear off (by the way, why don’t we Californians have cool accents?). And, of course, I’m at the college of my dreams doing what I enjoy so that’s always a bonus.

Change is definitely¬†difficult to deal with. But there’s always a silver lining to every cloud. As long as you look at that, adjusting to the change shouldn’t be that hard. And it’s okay to miss your home and be a little homesick! It’s normal. Everyone has to deal with it.

Just don’t try to reject the change so much that you start to hate the fact that you moved all the way out wherever you are. Learn to adapt to the new environment and soon you’ll realize all the awesome stuff you’re missing out on. So go out, explore, and have fun! It’ll make the adjustment a lot easier.

Do you have any tips for students moving cross country for college?
How do you deal with change? 


Photo courtesy of Dougtone via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0).