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Chynna Mela is a senior journalism student at Temple University and an SC Campus Representative. She can usually be found planning her fall wedding to Harry Styles, attempting to become the female version of Perez Hilton, or eating peanut butter straight from the jar. Check out more posts by her here.

Finals are done, books are sold back and the family SUV is loaded down with your belongings. Maybe you just went home a few weeks ago. Maybe you haven’t been home since Christmas. Maybe you haven’t seen your family since they dropped you off in front of your dorm NINE months ago. Regardless, you’re headed home for the summer. All college kids (with the exception of a few) go through this at least once in their college experience, and most have similar experiences of how the whole shindig of moving home goes down. One Direction may have been too busy singing their hearts out to attend university, but they sure tell the story pretty well:

At first you are thrilled to be back home with your family.

Liam Payne With Family Story of My Life Video

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After the tiny bathrooms in the dorms you practically feel like you’re showering at the Buckingham Palace

Niall Horan Shower

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Heck, you may even decide to take a shower AND a bath

Niall Horan Bath

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 You raid the fridge and eat enough to sustain a small country for the entire summer

Harry Eating at Home

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A diet of pizza and beer for months has you looking at bananas like they are pure gold

Harry Styles Banana GIF

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You’ve never felt so cleansed by a piece of food in your life

Louis Tomlinson Grapefruit

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The first Friday night back home you go to a high school party with your younger sibling and panic when you can’t find anyone you know

Harry and Liam Looking on Stage

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And you pray that you never acted like that or dressed like that just a few short years ago

Harry Styles Overwhelmed GIF

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But then you see one of your old friends and all is right in the world

Louis and Liam Pointing at Eachother

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Niall and Louis Skipping On Stage

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The gang is so excited to be back that you all drink your high school beverage of choice in honor of “good ol’ days”

Harry Styles Drinking
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But instantly regret it as a flood of bad taste-memories come back to you

Marcel (Harry Styles) Drinking

Somewhere during the fun someone proposes heading to the beach next weekend…

What Makes You Beautiful Video Water Scene

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So you and your best friend meet for an early gym session the following morning

Niall Horan Squats GIF
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Harry Styles Treadmill

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Almost done

Liam Payne Crunches
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Fitness is important, everyone

Zayn Malik Working Out

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Harry Styles Working Out 4

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Harry Styles Working Out 3

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Liam Payne Working Out

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Harry Styles Working Out 2

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Harry Styles Working Out 5

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Post-gym you head back to your old job and you are SO READY to be back in the routine and see your old coworkers

Harry Bakery 1

Harry Bakery 2
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After work (you’re over it by the second hour) you retreat to the couch with a box of Oreos and binge watch shows you missed out on all year for a few hours. And that’s where it begins

Niall and Zayn Laying Around

Harry Styles On Phone
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Harry Styles Looking Shifty

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Zayn Rolling Eyes

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“YOU SLEEP IN UNTIL AT LEAST 1PM EVERYDAY” (NOT true you were at the gym, killin’ it..sort of)

Harry Styles Sleeping

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And just when you think your mom is done nagging you hear her complaining about you to your dad in the other room.

Niall Horan Giving Smirk

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So you leave your house like the college-aged-boss that you are..

Harry Styles Throwing Water

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And try to recall why you were so excited to come home in the first place

Liam Looking Upset

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You pretty much repeat this process all summer. Every summer.

Harry Styles Nodding
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How is your summer at home?

Feature Image via one direction