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You’ve already spent your first year or two living with the best roommate at the University you’ve always wanted to attend. The time has come for you to make yet another adjustment, moving out of the dorm. You could be moving into your own apartment off-campus or you could be moving into your fraternity or sorority house. Or maybe you chose to live in the dorms the entirety of your college career, graduated, and decided not to move back home.

No matter the reason, dorm life is over and it’s time to embrace change yet again. It’s fine though because this is an exciting time for you. The best thing to do is to make sure you are ready with everything you need. If you’re traveling alone, consider international removal options to help you relocate.

Dorm Bedroom

Dorm Bed

One of the most important things you need is a new mattress. Unless someone you know has one laying in their basement, you are going to need something to sleep on. There are so many options out there in so many price ranges. The first thing you should do is figure out what your budget is and what your needs are. Hopefully they will meet somewhere in the middle.

Air mattresses are nice if you can’t afford much, but they wear out quickly and if you like a firm mattress, then this wouldn’t be your best option. Futons are nice if you are moving into a studio apartment or want to make the most of your space. They fold up nicely and can be pretty comfortable. Of course, the firmness thing applies here too. The thicker the  futon mattress you get, the harder they are to fold up.

You can go with a real mattress, which also comes in several types and sizes. There’s latex, memory foam, innerspring, and mattresses that you can customize for yourself, which are rated highly here.

Your best bet is to know what you need and what you can afford, then whittle down the options from there.

College Kitchen

Dorm Kitchen

This only applies to those of you who are moving into a full apartment. If you are moving into a room where other people are already living, then this might be taken care of already. Actually, there is no guarantee that a shared kitchen will have the items you need.

If you like to make soup with your mom’s Dutch oven at home then you should get yourself a Dutch oven for your new place. Do you like to mash potatoes? Make sure you have a masher or whatever it is you use to make them.

Moving into an empty apartment? This is where the fun begins. You might have your friends and family buying or giving you things like bowls, plates and silverware or you might not. If you have donations, it’s always best to take them. Don’t forget a pot, a frying pan, chef’s knives, cutting board, can opener, and wooden spoons. Even if you aren’t a cook, at some point you will need to chop something, open a can, stir something in a pot or fry something in a pan.

If you are a chef in the making and love food like we do, then you know what you want and are probably skipping past this part.

Dorm Room Cleaning Supplies

Dorm Cleaning Supplies

A broom, a mop, a bucket, a scrub brush, a Swiffer, and anything else you might want to use to clean your first place. Sure, you had to clean your dorm room but they washed the floors and the windows when you were away for the summer. This is an apartment, you are going to need to clean it or pay someone to do it for you.

Either way, you will need basic supplies. You can start by making a list. If you aren’t a fan of chemical cleaners, there are many natural options and some you can even make for yourself.

Renters Insurance

Unless you are one of the lucky few who can walk out of a college dorm and into your own home, it makes sense to get some renters insurance. Technology is king today and there are very few people who don’t own at least three devices; a computer/laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone.

Devices like these cost money and some of them are still being paid off. It wouldn’t be great to lose all of your belongings in a theft, flood, or fire. Renters insurance will cover this for you.

Not only will it cover these instances, renters insurance can cover you if someone gets hurt in your home. Beside that, it isn’t too terribly expensive. With all the advantages at very affordable rates it doesn’t make sense not to have renters insurance when you rent.


When we move out of our parents home into the dorms, it’s an exciting and thrilling time in our lives. While we are taking that step, we don’t have time to consider that fact that in only a few short years we will be saying goodbye to the dorms and moving into our own place.

Living in your own apartment isn’t like living in a dorm, although, it’s a larger version of the same idea. Just remember that there are few things you might need to bring with you to make your life in your new place easier. With these tips, we’re sure you won’t have problems hacking it!.