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My music taste is fairly predictable. I love a lot of the same stuff that my Dad loves. I basically worship Elvis Costello, and when coaxed to pick a favorite genre of music, I always say New Wave (even though I hate answering that question.) When it comes to present-day music, my favorite bands tend to be bands that remind me of the ones I grew up listening to. So yeah, my tastes tend toward “alternative” and “indie” bands. Despite musical tastes, everyone has “guilty pleasure” songs and bands. Songs you blast in the shower when you know your roommates aren’t home. Songs you turn up extra loud when you are driving around alone. Songs you skip faster than an Olympic sprinter when they come up on shuffle. I’m sure you can already list three or four of them and will think of two more before this sentence is over. I, however, am trying to get rid of the “guilty” part of “guilty pleasure.”

Why feel guilty for liking something?

This week’s Music Monday are five songs that I used to hide my shameless love for by only listening to them on private sessions in Spotify, but I’m coming clean. I listen to these songs on repeat, and I want everyone to know. This is a Seth-Cohen-On-The-Coffee-Cart sized declaration so let’s see if Summer still loves me after this.

Fancy – Iggy Azalea feat. Charlie XCX

First thing’s first (I’m the realest), this video. It’s the video that sucked me in. I obviously have a deeply nostalgic nature so when I found out Iggy Azalea recreated Clueless in her video, I had to watch it. I don’t listen to music like this, but I can bust this one out on demand because I have listened to it so many times on repeat. Well done I-G-G-Y, you got me.

I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers

Alright, time for my “hipster” music taste to show. I loved The Format in high school, and embraced Fun.’s first album pretty fully. Cue “We are Young” and that is where they lost me. I will say, with the least amount of snobbery I can muster, “well, I liked the first album, but they’re not as good as The Format” whenever Fun. is brought up in conversation (which hasn’t been at all for like, two years now but whatever.) Needless to say, I wasn’t interested in listening to Jack Antonoff’s new project Bleachers so I never checked out “I Wanna Get Better”. Then I heard it on the radio. And I listened to it on repeat for three days. The synth. How easily the lyrics can be shouted. I just can’t help myself.

She Looks So Perfect- 5 Seconds of Summer

These four Australian boys are your younger sister’s latest obsession. But guys, I totally get it. I was a pop-punk princess in middle and high school. I wore Converse lows with broken hearts on them. I wore a necktie to a school dance in the 6th grade. I dreamed of what it would be like to go to Warped Tour (something I actually got to do for the first time last year.) So I totally get 5 Seconds of Summer. They’re adorable. They’re like One Direction with instruments. They’re cheeky as all hell. One of them (Luke. Luke Hemmings. Yes, I know his name, moving on now) has his lip pierced. Embrace it, it makes sense.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift

Lately a bunch of boys from the days of yore have been crawling out of the woodwork and getting back in touch with me. You know how if you vomit in the bathroom in front of a stranger you guys kind of just become friends through circumstance? That is the relationship I have with this song. I love it because I connected with it due to unfortunate circumstance. But my god is it fun to sing while responding to (or ignoring) those random Facebook messages. Also at karaoke.

Midnight Memories – One Direction

I love One Direction. Bye.

What are your guilty pleasure songs?

feature photo by CampusRiot