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As you know, CampusRiot spent last week running around New York City covering the CMJ Music Marathon. We saw some great bands and discovered tons of new music. We were surprised (pleasantly surprised) to find so many emerging Australian artists at the marathon. Their charming accents and sunny melodies were welcomed throughout the week. There were so many Australian bands, it was hard to choose just a few of them. However these are the three that really got stuck in our heads (in a good way, not like a Rebecca Black way.)


Sheppard is an indie pop group from Brisbane, Australia consisting of siblings George, Amy and Emma Sheppard and their three friends Michael Butler, Jason Bovino and Dean Gordon. Their catchy hooks and the apparent fun they have while performing has caused them to gain international attention. They are the perfect band to listen to when you’re feeling down. It’s impossible not to dance along.

The Griswolds

The Griswolds are from Sydney, Australia and are self-described as “tequila-induced party pop” which is pretty apt. It is obvious that one of their biggest influences is Vampire Weekend, but that isn’t something we are complaining about. This five piece sounds like the Australian love child of Vampire Weekend and The Postelles. If you are bummed about summer ending and the colder months coming: keep listening to The Griswolds, their tunes can melt snow (probably.)

Strange Talk

Melbourne brings us synth-pop band Strange Talk. We dare you to find a band from Australia that you can’t dance to. Every Australian band we saw at CMJ brought the biggest dance parties. Strange Talk is no different. Add them to a part playlist with these other two bands and we’re pretty sure your party would be more popular than Bogie Lowenstein’s.

Which Australian band are you digging?