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If you are unfamiliar with BBC Radio 1 Live lounge, then you should really familiarize yourself as quickly as possible. Bands from all around the world come on the London based radio show and perform a couple of songs. Their latest single perhaps, maybe a classic, and a cover. There is some serious genre-bending in the live lounge, with indie bands covering hip-hop artists, and lots of people trying their hand at One Direction covers. It is always a treat to see who will be covering what. These past few weeks have had some really awesome covers, so we thought this week’s Music Monday would be a good place to highlight some of our favorites.

Bastille covers Miley

You might have heard Bastille’s song “Pompeii” and while that is pretty catchy, we seriously love their cover of Miley’s “We Can’t Stop.” They find a way to add bits of “Lose Yourself” by Eminem and “Achy Breaky Heart” by her very own father. Amazing.

Haim also covers Miley

We are seriously loving on Haim over here at CampusRiot, and we basically love everything they do. They covered “Wrecking Ball” in their Live Lounge session recently and they added their Stevie Nicks-esque sound to it, bringing a whole new life to the song.

The 1975 cover One Direction

Brit-indie band The 1975 has found momentum with their songs “Sex” and “Chocolate” and they decided to try their hand at boy band pop in the Live Lounge. They covered One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” and it’s actually really good. They slow it down, make it sound more like a heartbreaking ballad than the jangly pop song your little sister loves so much. This is One Direction for the 21+ crowd.

Arctic Monkeys cover Drake

To support their latest album AM, Arctic Monkeys went into the Live Lounge and made a very interesting choice. Drake. They covered Drake. And guess what? They killed it. Sorry Drake, but we think Arctic Monkeys did your song better. Granted, this is still one of our favorite Arctic Monkeys Live Lounge covers, but this Drake cover takes a close second. And Alex’s dancing…so good.

Kodaline covers Macklemore

“Same Love” but with charming Irish accents? Yep. Sign us up. This cover isn’t drastically different from the original, but Kodaline definitely made it their own. It is definitely less rap, and more pianoy. Kodaline make it their own. And we like it.

MS MR cover Arctic Monkeys

NYC synth band MS MR took a stab at Arctic Monkeys “Do I Wanna Know?” off their latest album and it is…interesting. Female vocals on an Arctic Monkeys track is interesting in itself, but add synth and it is a totally new song. We like it though. It works.

What is your favorite Live Lounge cover?