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For this week’s Music Monday, we wanted to feature Lily Allen’s come back music video, but it kind of NSFS (not safe for school) and we don’t want to get you kicked out of the library. So instead we decided to revisit our favorite place for covers: the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. We have some killer lady covers this week. With Miley covering Lana, Little Mix covering Jay Z, and The Saturdays covering Drake. All with a few twists of course, because this is the live lounge. So check out our latest picks below, and revisit some of our old favorites here.

Miley covers Lana Del Ray

You may not be the biggest Miley fan, but you have to admit she has some pipes on her. And while we don’t totally love the original of this song, we really dig this cover. The slower, stripped down sound really showcases that under all that tongue-sticking-out Miley really is talented.

Little Mix mashes up Jay Z, One Republic and Nirvana

These cutie X Factor winners have been taking the UK by storm, and are working their way over stateside. This adorable foursome are some serious power houses and they picked some ambitious artists to cover. Jay Z AND Nirvana? Good thing they do it total, beautiful, justice.

The Saturdays

The Saturdays are another English girl band that are trying to make a name for themselves stateside. For their visit to the live lounge, they decided to do a Drake cover. The best part? They mash it up with Destiny’s Child and TLC. It is too perfect.

Which is your favorite BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge cover?