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Hopefully the shock of Beyoncé’s surprise album has worn off a bit over the weekend. It really seemed like everyone was freaking out for a while. And I get it, I understand. She dropped an album completely out of the blue and she had 17 shiny new videos to go with it. The internet basically exploded in on itself, and for good reason. This may be one of the craziest album releases since Radiohead released In Rainbows basically for free.

Other new things happened in music as well though, so while I am going to talk a little bit about Queen B, I want to highlight some other artists that released new music last week.

Let’s start with Beyoncé though.

XO- Beyoncé

Beyoncé played a track from her new album for the very first time over the weekend in Chicago. She played ‘XO’ and the crowd was blown away. Check out the video fo the live debut below.

No Better- Lorde

Lorde, who has been upstaging a lot of people this year, was upstaged by Beyoncé last week. While Bey was releasing her album, Lorde had a new song drop. It’s no ‘Royals’ I like it. It’s definitely catchy and lives up to the songstresses debut.

The Courtship of Summer Preasley- The Griswolds

I caught this group of Aussies back in October for CMJ and they totally rocked the boat that I saw them play on. This was by far my favorite from their set, and now that it is starting to get really cold, it reminds me of warmer weather. They dropped a video for the tune last week and it has been helping me get through these snow storms. The video is a little NSFW, so I would not recommend watching it in the library when you should be studying for finals, but keep the tune on in the background for sure.