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My job this summer consists of sitting at a pool for eight hours a day and supervising kids as they swim. Tough life I know. I can’t complain about much besides the awkward tan lines, roasting in the 5,000 degree weather and the screaming. The soundtrack to my summer has been 480 minutes of screaming daily and I often sit by the pool dreaming of a way to cover up out the screechy, shrill, obnoxious   compliment the squeals of joy that the children bless me with. We don’t have a poolside radio (yet), but just in case an iHome system falls from the sky by the grace of God, I’ve created my perfect poolside playlist.

Some days coworkers will bring in their own iHome and will play a few tunes, but they always seem to play the same type of song over and over again. Life lesson #124: Variety is key when trying to appease a large number of people. Not to give myself a high-five or anything, but this sucker has it all. From the Rolling Stones to One Direction, from Cam’Ron to Sky Ferreira, from Earth, Wind, & Fire to Ed Sheeran, this playlist is sure to have something for everyone and keep you on your toes. I stayed away from country tunes,though, but there are 1.25 million of those floating around the internet for your enjoyment.

So grab a few noodles or one of those floats with a cup holder built in, and get splashin’.


What is your favorite song to listen to by the pool?

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