Yesterday, February 9th 2014 was the 50th anniversary of the Beatles playing on the Ed Sullivan Show. They left the shores of England and landed in America and nothing was ever the same. 50,000 people requested tickets to the CBS taping. 60% of American televisions were tuned into the broadcast. 1 in 3 Americans watched the show. Beatlemania was in full force, and while it died down a bit, it has by no means stopped. The Beatles are still, to this day, revered as one of the best pop bands. They were able to sweep the nation of its feet long before you could upload mp3s to Myspace for people to stream. Long before you could watch a recording from a dive-bar on YouTube. Long before MTV started playing videos and even longer before they stopped again.

They played a few tracks on the Ed Sullivan show, starting with “All My Loving” followed by “Til There Was You,” “She Loves You,” “I Saw Her Standing There” and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” The crowd, filled mostly with teenage girls, went nuts and the country never fully recovered. 50 years later and we are still marveling at the effect that The Beatles had on not just America or the U.K. but the world as a whole. The effect that they had on music. There was a television special on last night to commemorate their first appearance here. Radio stations across the country paid homage. English four-piece Arctic Monkeys even paid tribute in the form of a cover of “All My Loving” at their largest headlining concert in the States at Madison Square Garden on February 8th, the eve of the first Ed Sullivan appearance.

So of course, Music Monday is about the Beatles. Below you will find the audio from their Ed Sullivan debut as well as the footage from Arctic Monkeys’ homage at Madison Square Garden.

The Beatles Various Songs at the Ed Sullivan Show

Arctic Monkeys “All My Loving” at MSG

What is your favorite Beatles song?

Featured photo via Time