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Tokyo Police club began to gain popularity in 2008 with their release of Elephant Shell, their first full length album. However, the Canadian four piece owned summer 2010 with their sophomore release ChampChamp was my #1 album of 2010 ( I promise my list for 2013 is coming soon) and it is still one of my favorite albums of the 2000s. In 2011 they released Ten Songs, Ten Years, Ten Days which was a project they did where they released one song from each year between 2000 and 2009 over the course of 10 days. They covered the likes of Moby, LCD Soundsystem and Miley Cyrus and the results were pretty on point. After that though, they just…disappeared.

It is hard when one of your favorite bands just goes away. I had experienced it before (yes, The Strokes, I am talking about you) so I kept a sliver of hope alive, but after almost three years it is easy to lose faith. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, BOOM new 9 minute song.

The release came quietly, and it took a few weeks for it to garner hype. I was wary in the beginning, but hopeful nonetheless. The song is almost three times longer than the normal TPC track but it does a good job of keeping momentum throughout. The track is self-aware and honest, as TCP tracks usually are, and singer Dave Monks has certainly not lost his lyrical edge in the last three years. Something I am very thankful for.

The track is technically three parts strung together to create one song “Argentina (I, II, III)” and if it is any indication as to what the forthcoming album will sound like, then I am beside myself with excitement. So far there is no official video for the track, but there is a lyric video, which is more than enough for now. Along with the new track, I have included a few of my favorite TPC classics. Even more good news? They have some live dates coming up which can be found here.

Argentina (I, II, III)


Wait Up (Boots of Danger)


What do you think of the new Tokyo Police Club track?