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You could not pay me to be a tween again.

That age of uncertainty where you kind of maybe start wearing a bra, but only because the other girls in your class are and not because you really need one. Where boys (and girls) stop being gross and maybe start being kind of cool. But only if you are backed up by your friends and not attempting a one on one conversation. Braces. Nope, no thanks. I will gladly leave tweendom behind. At this point in my life, the only tweens I want are the Ohio trash pop three-piece.

Fronted by Bridget Battle with Payton Copes on bass and Jerri Queen on drums, Tweens are loud, fast and to the point. Their debut self titled album, which is out today in the UK and tomorrow here in the States, is frenetic. Much like being a tween was. This is music that you hear coming from the garages and basements a few streets off your college campus on Friday nights. It’s lo-fi and and accessible and full of heart. It’s 90’s nostalgia with a dash of 60’s girl power-pop. It’s thrift stores and late nights and cheap beer and disposable cameras. It’s bad boyfriends and mediocre second dates. It’s doing your best Kathleen Hanna impression into your hairbrush when you should be writing that Psych paper. It’s holding the broken stall door closed for a stranger at 2am in your favorite dive bar. It’s that stranger becoming your new best friend for 20 seconds. You know what I mean? You’ve been there. You know what I mean.

tweens album cover

Your heart’s in the right place, but it’s moving at a slow pace, I want to get past second base. So baby be mean, mean I want you to be mean.

The first single “Be Mean” flirts with “nice guy syndrome” and wanting a little more energy and passion. It’s bratty and to the point. Nothing is sugar coated. Just like the simplicity of tweendom (okay, so maybe it wasn’t all bad.)

“Don’t Wait Up” is the soundtrack for the nocturnal existence that comes later in life. “Girlfriend” sets the record straight: never want you to believe, I wanted to be your Girlfriend. One after the other, each track keeps the energy high.

My favorite track however is “Forever” an honest and vulnerable track about being scared of feeling too much for someone. I wasn’t lying when I said these songs were accessible. But you’re lying if you say you can’t relate to at least one track on this album.

With the warmer weather coming (hopefully) this is the perfect album to blast from car windows. Put on your biggest sunglasses, smack some bubble gum, and turn up the volume because these tracks are best played loud.

Listen to a few of the tracks below, and check them out here for more info about your new favorite band.

I also recommend following them on Twitter.

Be Mean


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