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The MTV Video Music Awards were last night and while there was no Kanye Interruptus there was definitely a lot going on. Last year’s VMAs was a total flop, but this year’s actually felt like an event. Lady Gaga opened the show with a bang and not a lot of clothing. Miley Cyrus was “just being Miley” with dancers dressed as teddy bears and an overly sexual collaboration with Robin Thicke. Kanye went the artsy route and performed entirely in silhouette and Bruno Mars has lasers. Katy Perry closed out the show underneath the Brooklyn bridge and Taylor Swift seemed a little snotty.

There is so much going on at the VMAs it is easy to forget that there are actual awards given. So in case you completely missed that part, here is an over view of who won the biggest awards.

Video of the Year:

Justin Timberlake was king of the VMAs last night. He won the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, which is one of the biggest awards of the night. He shared the honor with NSYNC. He also won video of the year for “Mirrors” as well a whole slew of others. His performance was also easily the most epic one of the night at a whopping 15 minutes. It seemed like he sang at least a few seconds of every song that matters from his catalog. And of course let’s not forget the incredible 110 second NSYNC reunion. Here is Justin Timberlake’s VMA performance in it’s entirety. And check out the video for “Mirrors” here.

Best Song of the Summer:

Fans could vote for this award, which is why it is no surprise that One Direction took the moonman for “song of the summer” home. In their defense though, “Best Song Ever” is pretty damn catchy. The crowd boo’ed the boys when the accepted their award (presented to them by Vampire Weekend) and Lady Gaga was so appalled by the reaction she actually got up and left. Regardless of crowd response, we are still going to dance all night to the best song ever. Because really, how can you not?

Best Female Video:

Taylor Swift took home the moonman for her video for “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Kanye didn’t storm the stage this time, although he probably should have when she alluded to the fact that the song is about Harry Styles. A cheap shot when he was right there in the audience. But hey, the girl is doing something right with her songs and we have to admit, this one is pretty catchy. And it does have a good video (except for the weird talking bit in the beginning.)

Best Male Video:

Bruno Mars was awarded the moonman for best male video, beating out Ed Sheeran and Justin Timberlake. He was very gracious when accepting his award, and put on a pretty stellar performance of his new single “Gorilla” at the end of the night complete with lasers and pyrotechnics.

Also, shout out to David Fincher for directing the “Suit and Tie” video which one for best direction. Duh. The dude directed Fight Club.

What was your favorite video from the VMAs?