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I was a Resident Assistant for 3 years, and though sometimes I  wonder how I survived the madness, it was all worth it. Any RA, past or present, can tell you that our job is much more than just free housing; it’s a life-changing experience that helps you grow, branch out, and define yourself, and help others do the same. Becoming an RA was the best decision I ever made in college, but I would be lying if I got all sappy and told you it was the serious moments I had with my staff and my residents that made my experience so amazing. Along with my new-and-improved self and some amazing friends, I took away quite a few seriously ridiculous memories. This is my crazy RA life and yes, these are all true stories. 

The Soccer Suitehearts

Resident Assistants are not supposed to have favorite residents, but that’s a rule I’m willing to break. Actually, I think I broke that rule back in 2010 when I wrote them a love poem at their request (shhh…) but anyway, I was so lucky because I had the most fantastic residents. They respected me and had no qualms about hanging out with me, which is every RA’s dream.

While there were so many contenders for the spot of “favorite residents” in my heart, one suite was the clear winner: the men’s soccer suite. They were the biggest troublemakers and got me into the most awkward situations of my life, but I loved them because they always made up for it. They were the first suite to tell me I didn’t need to knock on their door to come in, and they’d actually yell at me when I still did. They’d invite me to come over and watch TV with them and often they’d break out the guitar and serenade me. When I had a program that nobody showed up for, they went door to door until everyone was there. I could count on them to be amazing residents just as much as I could count on them to throw crazy parties that shook my floor, drunkenly promise to marry me, and play “Runaround Sue” on repeat every weekend.

The (Almost) Naked Truth

It was actually our first encounter that I found the most awkward. I was a sophomore, and they were mostly seniors. They were all handsome, smooth guys who loved to party, and I knew they were going to give me a hard time from day one. They promised they wouldn’t cause me any trouble, or at least, they said they’d try. I wanted to believe them, I really did, but I soon discovered that this was a promise they didn’t intend on keeping.

That very night, I was getting ready for bed when I heard frantic knocking on my door and found quite the surprise on the other side. I couldn’t contain my laughter as I opened the door. Standing in front of me in the hallway were the soccer guys in nothing but their boxers.

“We’re locked out,” they complained.

I said, “I don’t want to know!” and went to unlock their door, giggling the whole way down the stairs. As it turns out, the guys had a thing for stripping for their RAs, which is exactly what they were doing to my co-RA when they got locked out that night. I later learned this for myself about a week later, when I knocked on their door in the middle of the night to tell them to quiet down and they shut the door behind me and started dancing…Awkward!

I did manage to escape before things got weird, but I’ll never forget my very first crazy RA moment and the residents that made me love my job.

Featured photo credit: RHiNO NEAL via photopin cc. This is only one of many moments from my crazy RA life. It may surprise you how weird things get! Stay tuned til next Wednesday for more insanity…

Do you have any crazy stories about your RA life?