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A few weeks ago I wrote a raving review of Nature’s Path’s awesome chewy granola bars. Then, the wonderful folks at Nature’s Path offered to send over the flavors I didn’t get to try and couldn’t find in my local grocery store (Color me excited!) I expected a couple of boxes of the bars I didn’t try, and got way more than I bargained for. Hello, 12 boxes of delicious granola bar goodness! (Thank you so much!)

Nature's Path Granola Bars Giveaway

Along with my favorite flavors from our last review, they sent over the following flavors: Berry Strawberry, Sunny Hemp, Choconut, Peanut Choco AND 4 flavors of crunch granola including Honey Oat Crunch, Macaroon Crunch, Apple Pie Crunch, and Peanut Choco Crunch. Needless to say our office was basically swimming in granola bars. Not that any of us are complaining.

Just a reminder, this was the grade we gave Nature’s Path our first go around with their granola bars:

Taste: A+

Texture: A+

Nutrition: A-

Price: A

Overall: A

I tried the new flavors as did many of our office blog buddies and the general consensus? Yum! The “Choconut” bars were the perfect mix of chocolate and coconut, the “Peanut Choco” chewy bars were a great balance of salty and chocolate-y, the “Berry Strawberry” didn’t have that fake fruit taste like a lot of bars do, and despite my hesitation, the “Sunny Hemp” bars were really good! They tasted mostly like the plain granola bars sweetened with a little honey – not a weird taste to be found!

I personally am not a fan of crunchy granola bars, but our blog buddy Nicole from Healthy Way to Cook tried them and this is what she had to say:

The crunchy flavors, while a little bit crumbly, were amazing. Some crunchy granola bars are too crunchy—it’s like trying to bite into a lollipop with oats in it because of all the added sugar. Nature’s Path bars have a cookie-like texture that’s still crunchy, but soft enough to easily bite and chew. The Apple Pie Crunch was my favorite (I especially love the added chia seeds!), but the other flavors are equally delicious.

How’s that for a great review? Between everyone in the office, we could not find a single flavor that we disliked, even a little bit. That said, guess what we decided to do with all our awesome granola-y loot? That’s right! We’re doing a giveaway! You could win a gift bag stuffed with 24 assorted granola bars (2 of each flavor) including all of the flavors listed above plus the flavors from our last review (including “Lotta’ Apricotta,” “Mmmaple Pecan,” “Peanut Buddy,” and “Pumpkin-N-Spice.”

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Nature’s Path did not sponsor this review. Their only affiliation to this post is their generous donation of granola bars after we posted our first review. All opinions belong to the author.