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Moving away to a university is littered with new experiences, usually including the whole “living on your own” thing. Most find this independence liberating, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come with some snags. Racking your brains over what you need for the new living sitch? CampusRiot has your back with our list of only the most necessary dorm room essentials:

Mini Caddy with a Handle

First things first, buy a small basket with a handle for your shower stuff. You’ll never have to wonder where any of your beauty products are again, and it’s an easy way to take everything you need to the bathroom. Plus, the plastic makes them perfect for the shower, and they’re easy to store out of sight.

Lights, Lights, Lights

Typically, dorms are not the most well-lit rooms. Invest in a cheap pair of fun string lights or a floor lamp. They add a soft ambiance to the room and make it just a little more bright. We also recommend buying a desk lamp, because studying isn’t exactly solar powered. Try Target first, they have a ton of cute options.

Extra Charger

It’s 2014 and our technology powers our productivity, seriously. Buy extra chargers for your phone and laptop to ensure that you’re never without what you need in-between and during classes.

Large Coffee Mug

We feel this is self-explanatory; whether you drink coffee or tea, you’re probably going to be taking caffeine in bulk. Make triple sure it’s microwave safe for those times you need a warm-up. Urban Outfitters‘ mugs are life necessities.

The “Perfect” Blanket

This suggestion is all about making sure you’re cozy. You may not sleep as much as you’re used to, but that just means those precious moments should be spent comfortably. Whether you prefer a thin, cool blanket, or a soft, fluffy blanket– go nuts and splurge!

Reminiscent Photos

Dorm rooms can be a little cold and uninviting. Spend some energy decorating with pictures of things that make you feel good, like family and friends.


It’s your environment, you should always feel welcome! Chances are you’re staying a while; you might as well make it yourself as comfortable as possible.


What are your dorm room essentials?

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