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Your last semester is going great! Your workload is pretty minimal and you are having a blast with all the friends that you’ve made the past few years. Lots of parties and events and you wake up every morning thinking ‘Life. Is. Good.”.

But, there is an anxiety that is beginning to creep up on you when you think of what you will be doing after the spring. More and more people are talking about the great jobs and interviews they have lined up and it’s starting to make you nervous. You don’t have a job lined up and while you are happy to hear other people’s excitement about their future employment, you are holding out for something different.. for something that is more ‘you’.

So, what are you going to do after you graduate besides ‘get a job’? Read on to find out.

Teach English Overseas

If you love to travel and have a penchant for adventure, than teaching English overseas could be a great option for you. There are a TON of different countries that will pay you to live abroad and teach English even if you don’t have any formal teacher training. Teaching abroad will fund your wanderlust and give you the unique experience of living and integrating into a foreign culture. Some of the top destinations to teach English abroad are:

1. South Korea

Teaching in South Korea can offer many benefits such as complimentary airfare and housing. The pay is relatively high and it goes a long way due to the low cost of living. Furthermore, there is a huge English teacher community so you are able to easily make friends with like-minded teachers/adventurers. To get started, check out the job board on Dave’s ESL Cafe.

2. Czech Republic

If you prefer the beautiful history of Europe, than teaching in the Czech Republic could be perfect for you. There is a lot of work opportunity for English speakers in the Czech Republic, specifically Prague, and a great place to get started is the Jobs Section of the Prague Post.  However, for many teaching gigs, you will need to get your TEFL certification.

3. China

China offers great compensation packages that include a competitive salary, visa sponsorship, housing, and sometimes even airfare. As China continues to evolve, there are more and more opportunities for English teachers. Check out Journey East for more information.

Work Online as a Freelancer

If you want to start building revenue, but don’t want to settle for some soul-sucking, corporate gig, then working as an online freelancer could be perfect for you. There has been a huge boom in online freelancing and plenty of opportunity for college educated students to get in on the action.  A recent online employment report from Elance, a popular online freelancer site, stated that freelancers earned over $200,000,000 in 2012 on Elance alone! The report also shows those earnings to be trending up.

To get started, simply fill out a profile on one of the more popular online freelancer sites such as Elance or oDesk. Then, think of any skills that you have that are in demand and start applying! Are you a strong writer? Do you have any design or programming skills? Are you a social media wiz? There are clients posting thousands of jobs every day looking for people with the skills that you possess.

It may take you some time to gain traction on the sites, but one you have built up some solid clients you open yourself up to a world or opportunities. You can make as much (or more) money working online as a freelancer than you would at most entry level jobs, and since your work is online, you can work from anywhere you choose.

So, instead of letting your impending graduation give you anxiety, look into some of the more exciting options! Whether you love to travel or want to build a freelancing business, there are plenty of good options that aren’t your traditional 9-5.

 What are your plans for after graduation? Let us know!

Featured photo credit: shiladsen via photopin cc