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In an effort to educate more students in the upcoming election, CampusRiot is going to make it easy for the voters. We want to provide all of the details on the things that matter, from both sides. This article series on Obama vs Romney provides an unbiased view, despite what the writer’s personal views are. This is Part 3, the conclusion of our 3-part Election Guide series. You can see Part 1 on Healthcare, Abortion, and the Economy here. You can see Part 2 on War, Immigration Policy, and Energy and Environmental Policy here.

The future of this nation lies in the hands of the American people. That means all of you. It’s so important to educate yourselves on the candidates for the upcoming election in November. On the Democratic side, you have current President Barack Obama. On the Republican side, you have former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney. See where both of them stand, where they are similar, and where they differ on important issues. For Part 3 (our conclusion), we are covering their stances on Debt, LGBTQ Rights, and Education Policy.

You can see some basic background information on the two leading candidates here.

Obama vs Romney on Debt

Obama vs Romney Debt

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  • Obama: He was approved to raise the debt ceiling to avoid defaulting. He supported the bailout of the auto industry and hopes to let Bush-era tax cuts expire for couples who make over $250,000.
  • Romney: He opposed the auto bailout and would hope to cap federal spending at 20 percent of GDP (23.5 percent currently). He favors a budget amendment that would be constitutionally balanced.

Obama vs Romney on LGBTQ Rights

Obama vs Romney LGBTQ Rights

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  • Obama: He supports the legal recognition of same-sex marriages, which is decided by the states. He previously opposed it, most notably in his 2008 presidential campaign and in his 2004 Senate campaign, but he did support extending the legal rights and benefits of same-sex couples that are in civil unions. His administration successfully repealed the military ban on openly gay individuals and has purposed repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines a marriage as being between a man and a woman. The pursuing of DOMA has ceased as of now.
  • Romney: He opposes the legal recognition of same-sex marriages and believes that it should be banned with a constitutional amendment, taking the control away from the states. He also opposes civil unions and he would not seek to restore the ban on openly gay military individuals.

Obama vs Romney on Higher Education

Obama vs Romney Higher Education

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  • Obama: He wants to increase the funding for Pell Grants by almost double. He believes everyone deserves an education, even if they’re low-income and can’t afford it. He also wants to focus on helping community college students with training to become professionals.
  • Romney: He believes that the Pell Grant system is unsustainable and wants to cut funding to it. He believes that students should get as much education and they can afford, and he wants to take the pressure off of the federal government to help students by favoring private student loans.

Whew. With parts 1, 2, and now 3, that’s a lot of information to handle.

Who will YOU be voting for in November?