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In Part I, I covered some things to think about before beginning the search for a place to live outside the dorms. Also check out this great post about evaluating a potential roommate if you have not yet. This time, I will be covering a few of the different resources out there to find your new home at college.

School Listings

  • Does your school have its own website or an office you can go to where you can look at housing listings? Some schools have websites like these (though some require a fee to use). They can be a more trusted source, but may also be limited in number.
  • Co-ops may also have their own pages on the school website.
  • Look out for flyers on campus. Some are by students looking for roommate or posted by landlords.
  • Also check out Facebook to see if any of your friends are looking to sublet or fill in a recently moved out roommate.

Craigslist: Looking for Housing

  • Going through Craigslist can be long and tedious, but there are a lot more listings to choose from.
  • Some great pros are the many sorting options:
    – Apartments/housing, rooms/shared, sublets/temporary
    – Narrow down based on location
    – Another great feature is the ability to filter the number of rooms, desired price range, even pets, as seen below:
  • Just be careful while searching because anyone can post a listing. Go for Craigslist posts that look legitimate and are not afraid to provide lots of information and photos.
  • Make a call or e-mail to make arrangements to see the place for yourself.
Craiglist: Housing Wanted
  • This option can be useful in special circumstances, such as if you are looking for temporary housing or a roommate. I found my current houseshare through this method, where the landlord was very flexible with my study abroad. (Most landlords look for tenants who will contract for a year.)
  • You can filter and search through listings to try and find your desired housing, as people post here looking for another roommate or housemate, often because one person moved out.
  • If you do not find what you are looking for, you can also make a personal ad. There are some landlords or students who go through these listings to look for potentially good roommates or tenants.
    – For this kind of listing, list what you are looking for: desired price range, location, when you are looking to move in or out, what type of housing (e.g. studio, houseshare, apartment)
    – Also briefly introduce yourself. A typical way to start is to say what major and year you are in, but it is also good to talk about what kind of student you are (a party goer or someone looking for a quiet place to sleep and study). Maybe talk about your hobbies or if you can cook.
    – Remember that this is an ad. You are trying to sell yourself to people scouting for potential roommates who have no idea who you are. Present yourself as a responsible person who can be timely about rent and can clean up after themselves.
There are other websites out there to look for housing, affiliated with your university or not. Just remember to be careful on your search. Being specific and knowing what you are looking for can make the search easier.
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Photo courtesy of goodmami via Flickr (CC BY SA-2.0).