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There are two reasons I am not overwhelmed with joy upon hearing the breaking news that Ryan Gosling is now a baby daddy. First, I was still holding out for a Gosling/McAdams reunion. I’ve shipped them since before shipping was a thing. Sometimes I am not 100% sure if I am crying while watching The Notebook because it’s just so freaking sad, or because I’m thinking of the greatest Hollywood romance being lost. Do not try and argue that they weren’t the cutest, most passionate, and perfectly hipster-before-hipsters-existed couple ever. A big claim to make. I know. However, check out this piece of evidence:

I rest my case. Anyway, that’s number one. I wanted Ryan with Rachel (Sorry, Eva). Second,  his hotness level just increased by 10,000. Just imagine the pictures of him effortlessly carrying a Starbucks espresso in his left hand and a toddler on his shoulders. Let us take a moment of silence for all the tears that will be shed, hands that will shake, and drinks that will be poured when those pictures surface in two years time. The only reason I am confident that the women of the world will survive a picture worth NO words is that we have survived before. Think of the pictures below as easing your way into the hotness that will be papa Ryan. Below, check out the hottest dads of celebrity-dom. You’re welcome.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum Magic Mike Shirtless Hot Celebrity Dads

(GIF via Giphy)

The best part of Channing Tatum as a dad, in my opinion, is that anytime you want to see he and his wife’s love story you can pop in the Step Up DVD, grab a bowl of popcorn, and prepare to wish you were coordinated. And  if you aren’t coordinated you can move onto watching Magic Mike like I do for “dancing research.”

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Smile Hot Celebrity Dads

(GIF via Giphy)

I die a thousand deaths when I think about this one. Just imagine him protectively holding his teeny tiny daughter, Indie, in his big, muscular arms. His long hair is swept back into a man bun as he grins at something his equally hot younger brother, Liam, said. Now I need a glass of water. And a rosary.

Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers The Killers Miss Atomic Bomb Hot Celebrity Dads

(GIF via Giphy)

I bet you didn’t see this one coming, right? This frontman for The Killers is a total rockin’ hottie. Let us hold a moment of silence for the future generation of girls that will have to face the good looks his sons Ammon, Gunnar, and Henry will surely have passed down to them.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Matt Damon Ben Affleck Good Will Hunting Hot Celebrity Dads

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There is something about their long-lasting bromance that makes them even more adorable together then when separate. Perhaps it is because whenever I see their faces near each other I hear their drool-worthy Boston accents from Good Will Hunting echoing through my ears. If you round up the troops these two have six kids all together. How do ya like them apples?

David Beckham

David Beckham Smirk Hot Celebrity Dads

(GIF via Giphy)

Duh. He may be the hottest dad alive. Really. Between the tattoos, flawless face, abs, athletic ability, excellent sense of style, shimmering smile, and British accent Mary Kate and Ashley should reshoot Billboard Dad and stick HIS picture over the highway. Sure, sure, he is already plastered everywhere, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this at another location (or 500).

Cam Gidgandet

Cam Gigandet Smile GIF Hot Celebrity Dad

(GIF via Giphy)

What has he done since playing the roll of James in Twilight? He became a hot dad. That’s what.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale American Psycho Thanks Hot Celebrity Dads

(GIF via Giphy)

Imagine him sticking on a Batman suit for Halloween to excite the kids (and moms) in his neighborhood. I find it hard to believe anyone needs further explanation or visuals of Christian Bale as a dad.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg Smile The Other Guys Hot Celebrity Dad

(GIF via Giphy)

Sure, he may be kind of old now, but who can forget this? Glooooorrrrry Days. He recently brought his daughter to a One Direction concert and smiled the entire time. What a trooper (and by trooper I mean he is beyond lucky to have been breathing the same hour as Harry Styles for 23 songs).

Honorable mention: Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Bonjour Celebrity Hot Dads

(GIF via Giphy)

The only reason he isn’t getting a full-on blue ribbon is that Mila has not given birth yet. Not only does it warm my heart that they met on That ’70s Show, but they found love with each other years later. Meant to be.

*Please note no images of their children were not included in this post in order to protect their innocence. (I wanted an excuse to use hot GIFs)

Who is your favorite celebrity dad?

(Featured Image via moviepilot)