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Being the youngest sibling isn’t always the easiest. You may be constantly living in your older sibling’s shadow, may try to always be better than him/her, and most importantly hand-me-downs are never a good thing. And now it seems, your older siblings may affect what college you go to?

A recent paper published in the Economics of Education Review, found that an older sibling’s decision on college can have an affect on the younger sibling’s outlook on or choice of college. “If an older sibling enrolls in a four-year college, the younger sibling is something like 16 percentage points more likely to do so,” author Joshua Goodman told the Chronicle of Higher Education. “If the older sibling enrolls in a highly competitive college, the younger sibling is something like 19 percentage points more likely to.”

The results also become more accurate especially when the siblings have similar achievements to one another, are the same gender, or are closer in age to one another.

Data from College Board found that many younger siblings tend to enroll in the same college as their older siblings, and a study in the UK showed that a high-achieving older sibling is linked to higher grades for the younger siblings.

Although research shows that older siblings tend to be more achievement-oriented, younger siblings don’t be in despair. This doesn’t mean that you’ll become the black sheep of the family who is living on your parents’ couch well into your late thirties. You too can make it big, even if you have big shoes to fill in regards to your older sibling.

Did you go to the same college as your older siblings?