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An Open Letter to Anna Kendrick (Please Be My New Bestie)

Dear Anna Kendrick,

Has anyone told you lately that you’re aca-awesome? (Actually, you probably hear it all the time.) I write a lot of open letters and GIF dedications to the talented and attractive men of the world, but I think it’s high time I gave one of my favorite leading ladies some love and recognition. Your recent stint hosting Saturday Night Live is further proof that you’re pitch perfect. And you make my job easy, because, well, there are just so many reasons to admire and adore you. Just to name a few:

1. The “Cups” Song (need I say more?)

As Skylar Astin’s (gorgeous) character says at the end of that scene, “wow.”

2. Your macaroni necklace is the cheesiest.

But like, in the best way. (For those of you who don’t know, Anna is so obsessed with mac & cheese that Kraft sent her that. And yes, it is a solid gold noodle necklace.)

3. Your Twitter account. Is. Flawless.

 You know what? That would be brilliant.

4. That time you rapped “No Diggity” like it was nothing.

Can we just…

Yep. You killed it.

5. You as the little mermaid, rapping Iggy Azalea.

Thoughts on that one:

Get it girl.

6. Your perfect hair.

Up, or down, it doesn’t matter. It’s so well-coiffed but not in the overly-perfect sort of way. And I’m so jealous.

7. Basically every time you open your mouth.

You and me both, sister.

Moving on, let’s discuss SNL more in depth. More specifically, how there just wasn’t enough of you on it.

NBC/SNL writers, if you’re reading this — what happened?! When you have someone as perfect as Anna Kendrick hosting SNL, you put her in like, every skit. “Dongs All Over The World” is funny and all, don’t get me wrong, but I’m just saying more Anna Kendrick can’t hurt.

Next time, bring on the Anna Kendrick. So much Anna Kendrick. There is too much talent there to waste and/or not use to its full potential.

I don’t get it either, Anna.


The point of writing this letter was not to complain to NBC or to get sucked into listening to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack on repeat for the rest of the day (although I have in fact accomplished that.) The point of this letter was to tell you you’re awesome, sing your praises, and maybe to have an excuse to stalk you on social media. #sorrynotsorry

But hey, thanks Anna. Thanks for being a mac-and-cheese-obsessed, Ryan Gosling-loving, gorgeous hair-having, sweatpants-wearing Twitter genius and fabulous singer. You keep doing you girl. You keep doing you.

Oh, and one last thing. Can we be besties? Because I’m pretty sure the term “living the dream” actually means eating easy mac and watching Law & Order: SVU marathons with you. Please say yes.

(And every college girl ever)

All GIFs via Giphy, featured photo via Getty Images

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