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Dear Troy “Butt Soup” Barnes,

It’s with a heavy heart that I must say goodbye to you, one of my favorite Human Beings. I know you have a lot of emotions, and I’d hate to make your whole brain cry, so I’ll keep this brief.

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I watched you grow from T-Bone, the quarterback with skinny arms, to the leader of Blanketsburg, to the truest repairman. You’ve had quite the journey. I’m sure there are regrets on your end – dating Britta, starting a war with your best friend, and listening to that voicemail from Chang on how he slept with Shirley. How did he get your number anyway? I just hope you look back at the last few years with that big, toothy smile.

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I know Greendale Community College is only supposed to last for two years, and you’ve already put in 4, but it still feels too soon. You have so much more to learn. Have you figured out what market price means? How about the real accent people have from the country of Georgia?

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Maybe I’m just being selfish because I’ll never see another episode of Troy and Abed in the Morning. You’ve gone the way of Annie’s Boobs now. I hope your next adventure is full of butt stuff and dance.



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If Abed is looking for a new friend to render imaginary dreamscapes, please put in a good word.

Will you miss Troy on Community?


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