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I do not mean to be biased, but I think one of the greatest things about having a Macbook as a student is the affordability of getting upgrades once you invest in the laptop. If you’re wondering whether to drop $29 on the upgrade, here is an excellent OS X Lion review detailing all the new features of OS X Lion! From the newly modified Apps to the changes in Launchpad, there are some great enhancements that really improve the user experience. Check it out!

An excerpt from Shawn Blanc’s review:

In Lion, this behavior has been greatly improved:

With the laptop lid closed and the computer asleep: Plug an external display in, wake the computer, and the external display will be the only working display. If you were to then open your laptop lid, the laptop’s screen would turn on and you have two working monitors.

With the laptop lid open and the computer awake: Plug an external display in and you have two working screens. If you were to then close your laptop lid, the laptop’s screen turns off and the external monitor becomes the only working monitor.

Photo courtesy of iStore Guatemala via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).

Check out the video below about OS X Mountain Lion!
OS X Mountain Lion Preview


Do you have a Macbook? If so, do you have OX S how would you rate it? Post comments below!