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I moved out of residence without needing to pay for any room damages! Happiness ensues when I don’t destroy furniture or put holes through the wall. Living in residence for the past eight months was fun, but I’m glad to be home with my blanket and stuffed animal. (Animal. Singular. I don’t have like a collection or anything. Pft.) I managed to pack and unpack in about five hours (total). Here’s what I did when I was packing for home.

Boxes are your best friend.

Boxes stack very neatly when they’re all the same size, so you can pack your car very easily. They also help you divide your belongings by room. Label them. You’ll be glad that you did, because you won’t have to open the box to check what’s inside when you get home. It also means that other people can help you unpack without having to ask, “where does this box go?” over and over again.

Storage containers are your second best friend.

I have one of those five-drawer storage containers (shown in the image) that take up very little space and offer a lot of room to sort-and-store. This means that all of my “extras”, like shampoo, electronics, pens, and so on, are already sorted and packed. All I have to do is tape the drawers shut with masking tape, and I’m on my way.

Don’t unpack.

I have a separate set of plates, bowls, cups, and so on. I don’t need to use them when I come home because…well, I mean, it’s not like my parents have thrown out the plates that we used to use because they don’t need as many anymore. I leave my kitchen supplies packed in boxes so that I don’t have to unpack it now, then re-pack when I move again in four months. I think I did this for about half of the boxes that I brought back.

Stay organized.

“Oh look, there’s some extra room in this box of clothes, I think I’ll just through in some of my textbooks as well.” No. Do not do this. All it means is that you’ll have to go back and forth between rooms when you’re unpacking. Trust me; you’ll be tired enough by the time you unload the car.

There you have it. I’m finally home for longer than three days. I intend on enjoying the city even on my tight budget (check out my previous post if you haven’t read it yet), and I know that packing in four months is going to be a breeze. Kind of.


Photo courtesy of Vanessa Lam.