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We’ve all been there. Every single person out there knows the struggle of being the 3rd wheel. Often it happens on accident but when it does occur there is no denying the cringe that takes over your body. At CampusRiot, we understand the struggle and would like to share how it feels to be the 3rd wheel through GIFs:

You have made plans with a couple of friends for the night

Things looks good and you’re excited to get together with friends and catch up.

friends gif

GIF via Tumblr

But you soon realize that the friends you are hanging out with are a couple.

Wait, what happened? This was supposed to be a group activity. Where are the other peeps!? Where are all my single ladies at!?

new girl jess gif

GIF via Tumblr

The doom sets in and for the rest of the night you will be 3rd wheeling

How did I let this happen? Being the 3rd wheel is the WORST.

one direction gif

GIF via Giphy

Your friends read your mind and promise that you will not feel like a 3rd wheel

Everyone can still have fun together, right?

the office gif

GIF via Tumblr

It doesn’t take long before the PDA starts

Please, I beg of you, stop kissing in public.

supernatural gif

GIF via Tumblr

You wish that you could somehow disappear into the floor

This is truly painful. If they are busy making out maybe you could slip away without them noticing.

homer simpson gif

GIF via Giphy 

You try and distract yourself from the gross couple in front of you

Lets see what is happening on Facebook. I’ll just take a scroll through Instagram and then find someone to complain to via text.

young adult gif charlize theorn

GIF via Giphy

The couple untangles themselves from each other long enough to ask if you’re still single

Yup, still single as a pringle. Thanks for bringing that up.

single gif

 GIF via Tumblr

“Oh, don’t worry! You’re going to find someone.”

Thanks for that piece of wisdom, I’ve only heard that about five zillion times.

Easy A gif

GIF via Tumblr

All of a sudden they are trying to figure out people to set you up with

No. Just no. Please do not set me up on a blind date. You will live to regret that decision.

90210 gif

GIF via Tumblr

The couple decides to tell you the story of how they started dating

I don’t believe I asked to hear this story. How about we talk about food? I’m a big fan of food.

shirley community gif

GIF via Giphy

You watch them feed each other

NEWS FLASH: That is not cute. It will never be cute.

Little Rascals Gif

GIF via Giphy

They gaze into each other’s eyes with the look

You know the look. It is that longing, adoring gaze that makes you want to stab yourself in the eye.

scott disick gif

GIF via Tumblr

You could use a drink right about now

Maybe just one drink or you know five. Whatever helps.

kristen Wiig Gif

GIF via Tumblr

As the night progresses you are feeling a little agitated

There is only so much cooing that a friend can handle.

reese witherspoon gif

GIF via Giphy

You make an excuse that it is getting late and say your goodbyes

“Oh it was great seeing you two! Lets do this again real soon…ok gotta go, BYE!”

Spongebob Squarepants Gif

GIF via Giphy

Being the 3rd Wheel takes a lot out of you

Time to power down for the night and reflect on the reason why I’m single.

exhausted going to bed gif

GIF via Tumblr

Have you ever been the 3rd wheel?

Feature Image: Brasslook