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When you think of Snapchat, do you think of sexting? A study done by the University of Washington may have you a little more than surprised about the results of what most people use this app for. I remember when Snapchat was first launched, my friends told me about this new app with a dancing ghost that allows you to send risque pictures and nudes with no repercussions. Unless you take a screenshot, of course. Personally, I have this app and I use it to take extremely repulsive pictures of myself, usually distorting my face into some ugly inhuman-like pose. There’s that, or pictures of me and my boyfriend, and when I say boyfriend, I mean me and my dog. It’s a little reassuring that I may or may not be the only one who uses this app for the same purpose.

For those who aren’t familiar with the app, Snapchat allows you take communicate with others by taking a picture, controlling the amount of seconds it can be viewed for, and what the picture says. You can add up to 63 characters worth of text, and even draw on the picture you took. Send it to one friend, or a mass snap to your whole contact list. For those interested in what people really use Snapchat for, here are the stats. Check out the chart that University of Washington’s study came up with. They surveyed a total of 127 Snapchat users (82% being ages 18-24.)

snapchat graph sexting

[photo via homes.cs.washington]

 What do you use Snapchat for?

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