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First NYU students get Robert De Niro as a commencement speaker, and now they get Pharrell Williams as artist in residence.

That’s right, the singer/song writer/producer will sit down for an in-depth discussion with New York University professor and NPR Music’s R&B initiative host Jason King on October 26th.

“We are thrilled to welcome Pharrell Williams as our artist in residence for the 50th anniversary year of the Tisch School of the Arts. Pharrell is just the kind of artist and entrepreneur that many of our students aspire to become. He is remarkably gifted, and he graciously uses his talent for the good of others,” said Allyson Green, dean, Tisch School of the Arts. “Our students and faculty will have the unique opportunity to be in conversation with an artist whose work is an inspiration and widespread. Pharrell has demonstrated a commitment to education in communities across the country. He’s dedicated to raising awareness to climate change, and he has taken ‘happiness’ from the stage and screen to people around the world through his work with the United Nations.”

Pharrell nyu

While the event is only opened to those attending and working at the university, NPR will publish a video from the night, so that’s exciting.

Pharrell is just the kind of artist you want speaking to young college students these days. So far, he has avoided major scandals, has made a lot of money and has helped a lot of people.

We’re very excited to hear what Pharrell has to say on music, life, college and giving back.

Head over to NYU’s newsletter for more information about the event.

What would you like to hear Pharrell talk about?