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Summer time is the best time to do things we can’t do during the year. Even though working or interning can be totally fun, a little traveling is sometimes greatly needed. This summer, take a road trip with your friends! Follow these tips to plan a great summer road trip that you’ll never forget.

summer road trip ideas

Plan your driving route before the trip starts:

First thing’s first: decide where you want to go. Next, decide how you are going to get there. It’s best to make traveling and routing plans prior to departure. Picking a route can definitely determine the mood of your trip or at least relieve a bit of stress. Without a solid route things can get complicated and stressful, causing tempers to flare. Make sure your group is on the same page with what route you’ll be taking before you’re stuck in the car for 8+ hours a day.

Plan a budget:

Even though driving can cost less than flying, the price can still add up. Between gas, where you sleep at night, snacks and more, traveling is pricey. Budget before you leave for your trip for things such as gas, food and lodging. Don’t forget to save some money for spontaneous adventures! There’s nothing you can really do about spending money on gas, but lodging and food are areas you can definitely save in. Pack some food before you hit the road, like chips, water bottles, power bars or other types of travel snacks. If you’re looking for a hotel, bunk up and have everyone stay in the same room.

Keep your plans loose:

No matter how much you plan, things can change at the last minute. Be sure to keep an open mind during your travels. By not planning your rest or bathroom stops, you’re giving your ride a little more flexibility. You can’t predict road construction or traffic accidents ahead of time. Also, by keeping loose plans, new fun and exciting things that you weren’t expecting could happen.

Stay entertained:

Car rides can get boring, so prepare! Make a killer playlist, grab some magazines or play some classic car games! It’s easy to get bored on the road, but it’s easier to stay entertained.

If you were ever to go on a road trip, now is definitely the time! Don’t wait any longer; pack up your car and hit the road! Remember to check and make sure everything is working in your car. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs along the way, and take lots of pictures!

Are you planning a summer road trip?