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So you have exams to pass and essays to write. That happens in college, and for some reason, they all happen at the same time. I often hear people saying that they have two assignments and a test within 48 hours. So in the midst of the study crunch, here are some warning signs to look for. If detected, please, go outside.

You’re surprised when you look in the mirror.

When did your hair get so greasy? On that note, when was the last time you took a shower? Did you remember to brush your teeth last night? Where did all of this belly fat come from? If you don’t recognize yourself, it’s a sure sign that you have been huddled up in your room for much too long. Please, go outside.

You look out the window and the sun is hurting your eyes.

I know the feeling of avoiding all windows because it’s just too damn bright outside. Especially with all of the recent snow(storms), needing to leave my apartment, for any reason, feels like a cruel trick of nature. Admittedly, it’s time for me to go outside. Just not right now, because like I said, it’s cold and snowing. (I really need somebody to tell me to please, go outside.)


You don’t need to go outside – there’s nothing for you to do. Why go to the mall when you can just shop online? You really don’t want to shower and get dressed. Going outside just takes too much effort, you know? Listen closely. WE LIKE THE CITY. THE CITY IS NOT A BAD PLACE. THERE IS FOOD AND HAPPINESS OUTSIDE OF YOUR APARTMENT. PLEASE, GO OUTSIDE.

I’m not asking you to go camping for 48 hours in extreme conditions. I’m not even asking you to go camping for 48 hours in perfect conditions. You just need to leave your room sometimes, okay? Okay. Here, we can go outside together.

What are some cool things that you can do in the city?


Image courtesy of steffy. via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).