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A few weeks ago I got an invitation to go to the OpenHouse Studio in New York for an event by 3M to preview the new Scotch Expressions Tapes and Dispensers and Post-it Brand Collections. The invite promised “cocktails and fun (mixed in with a little work!)” and I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean, Post-its are cool and all (especially since Romy and Michelle invented them!) but I thought that there was only so much that could be done with them. Turns out, I was wrong. The Post-it party? So. Cool.

First of all, there was Post-it and Scotch Tape art everywhere.

Post-It Party

The giant Post-it sculpture in the middle was so cool.

Post-It Party

Post-it Party

My favorite Post-it mural!

Second, there was a DJ.

photo 1 (3)

Even the DJ was decked out in Post-its!

Also, they did not break their promise on the cocktail front. The drink of the night (that I did not get a picture of) was called a “Post-it Poptini” which was champagne with pomegranate seeds. Classy and delicious!

I don’t think I need to say much more to prove that the event itself was a ton of fun, but the coolest part wasn’t the drinks or the art or the high-energy environment. The best part was discovering all of the awesome new Post-it and Scotch Brand products. Seriously, I had no idea that 3M had developed so many awesome things: colored tape (95 new colors!), awesome tape dispensers, giant Post-it notes, an entire mobile Post-it collection, and even Post-its with a full adhesive back as opposed to the usual, tiny, sticky strip. Granted, I always loved shopping for school supplies, but this was way more exciting than I ever anticipated. Here were some of the coolest finds of the night:

Scotch Expressions Tape

Just a small sample of the awesome new tape patterns by Scotch Expressions

Post-It Mobile Collection

The Post-it Mobile collection was probably my favorite find of the night (well, at least on the practical side of things. The collection easily clips into binders and even features a Post-it keychain with tiny Post-it notes and flags. 

Post-it Party

More fun products! Jax-shaped Post-it dispensers, a ninja dispenser, a mobile dispenser that clips onto your car’s visor, and more clever Post-it dispensers. The ninja was my favorite of the bunch.

Post-it Party Tape dispensers

And lastly: the most awesome tape dispensers to ever exist. Ever. 

It was really fun to learn all about the new collections from 3M. Everyone there was eager to explain everything and super friendly. And the best perk of the evening? A tote bag full to the brim with Post-it and Scotch Brand goodies, complete with the entire mobile collection, giant Post-its, regular sized Post-its, designer Post-its, and the best part of all: the ninja Post-it dispenser, the chameleon tape dispenser (which, by the way, changes color when touched. Seriously!) and my now most treasured of all office/school supplies, the cosmo tape dispenser.

I would actually use said goodies at work, but the products are so cool I’m afraid they’d go missing…  😉

You can connect with Scotch Brand on Facebook and tweet to them at @ScotchProducts. You can also connect with the folks at Post-it on Twitter at @postitproducts and like them on Facebook as well. And of course, head on over to their websites to learn more about these awesome products! You can buy most of the Post-it products in stores and online now, but you’re going to have to wait a bit to snatch up those sweet tape dispensers – the chameleon and the football helmet come out in June, and the cosmo dispenser comes out in September.

What 3M products are you most excited about?

3M in no way sponsored this post. All opinions are that of the author. All images courtesy of CampusRiot.