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Finals are right around the corner, and though you think you may have a little extra time before it’s time to start studying, it’s never too early to start preparing. With the crazy semester coming to an end, students are all ready to pack up, go home and begin our summer. But make this last stretch of the semester easier for you and don’t leave final exam preparation to the last minute. Use these steps to get ahead and start preparing for finals sooner rather than later.

Look through your notes:

Sit down with all your class notebooks and take a few minutes to read through all of your notes, or at least the ones you’re going to be tested on. By reading through your notes once over, the topics that were confusing to you throughout the semester will stick out. By knowing what is confusing early on, you can ask your professor to clarify or you can devote more study time to those topics.

Meet with your professor:

Professors always encourage meeting outside of class because it shows you really care about doing well. Even if it is just to touch base on how you think you are doing thus far in the semester, or if it’s just one small question, it will show you care.

Make a schedule:

A study schedule will keep you organized and on track. Break it down by day; dedicate certain days to certain subject or topics. This way, you won’t get overwhelmed and you’ll stay organized.

Ask for help when needed:

Your classmates can be some of your best resources when it comes to understanding and studying the material. Ask a friend in class about a confusing term or a topic you are unclear of, or ask a few people if they want to form a study group. It’s likely that someone will know the answer to your question.

Stay healthy:

One of the worst things that could happen to you during finals is getting sick. Beat sickness, get ahead and stay healthy! Drink tons of water throughout the day, eat fruits and vegetables, and most importantly, get enough sleep. All of these are important all the time, but especially when you are under pressure. Doing these things keep you physically healthy, but mentally healthy as well. Try to squeeze in some time to exercise—if it’s just a 30 minute run or some yoga in your bedroom, anything helps.

Pick a study environment:

It’s important to know where you study best. Find your prime study spot; it can be anywhere from the park to a coffee shop to your bedroom. Find an atmosphere where you’re most productive and least distracted.

Don’t make finals more stressful than they need to be. By studying a few days before your final and not cramming it all in, you’ll go into summer feeling relaxed and ready to go. So start organizing and get ahead!

How are you dealing with finals?