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Every now and then, a college student gets to face the challenge of juggling multiple projects and assignments at once. And when that happens, stress is definitely inevitable. But how do you get past all these tasks without losing your sanity? To help you accomplish your to-do list in college, it’s about time that you start learning about project management. But what is it and how do you do it?

What is Project Management?

Project management is the practice of using knowledge, skills, techniques and tools to start, plan, execute, control and complete a project based on the goals you or your group have set to accomplish. If you are tasked to complete a group or individual project for one of your subjects, then this is the right time for you to start practicing project management. Through this practice, you get to complete your project in an organized and efficient manner, helping you minimize stress, so that you can get your project done sooner.

Handling Project Management Like a Pro

Getting the hang of project management can be a great way for college students to prepare for a professional career in various industries. Project management comes in various forms and is observed in various industries, making it an essential skill for professionals. No matter what field of work you decide to be in after college, this skill will definitely come in handy. Here are some tips on how you can be a better project manager and organize your life as a college student.

1. Keep your goals in mind.

Ultimately, you will want all of your efforts in studying and preparing your project to pay off. And if you are working with your classmates, it’s something that you will all have to work on together. When preparing your project, you should see to it that every part of your plan is geared towards your success. From scheduling your group meetings, to preparing your budget and delegating your tasks, you should always work towards creating a more effective and efficient plan of completing your project. The sooner you get to complete your project, the more time you’ll have to do other stuff in school.

2. Divide and conquer your tasks.

Unless you are handling the project all on your own, task delegation is important. If you are doing everything by yourself, then it will not be a group project at all. And more than just delegating tasks, it’s important that you think about how you are assigning your task and who you are assigning them to. If your project needs some documentation, you might want to assign this part of the project to someone who is good at it. You need photos for your reports? Then you should choose a team mate with good photography skills and have a good camera to take care of the pictures. Will there be a need to present it in front of the class? Then assign this to your groupmate who is good at presenting. With proper delegation of tasks and by taking advantage of the skills and knowledge that each team member has, you can be a more efficient group altogether.

3. Use a project management tool for easier monitoring.

It’s not always easy to monitor the progress of a project, especially if there are so many tasks to assign and to complete. But with the right tools, you can get the work done much faster and with less stress. Nowadays, professionals are using a variety of business tools to help improve their team’s productivity. Some of the best project management tools that you can use include a Scrum or a Kanban board. These visual project management tools have proven to be very effective in increasing the overall productivity of businesses in various industries. It helps managers manage their team, time, projects and resources. Thus, it only makes sense for busy college students to also make use of the project management tools to accomplish their school project, too.

4. Set deadlines and priorities.

To help you make sure that your projects are done on time and that each task is prioritized accordingly, you should take advantage of the features available in some project management tools. Many businesses understand the value of using visual project management to scale their business by properly setting deadlines and priorities on tasks. For college students, this can be a great productivity tool, too.


So no matter how big or small your school project is, or whether it involves multiple people or not, project management can be a great way for you to accomplish your tasks. It’s not too soon to practice project management so that you will be ready to do it as a professional. With the right set of tools and with a great strategy, you can ace this skill and even become a professional project manager as a career.