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So it’s finally time for college and you are so excited you can barely even think. College is a time for making new friends, finding out more about yourself and exploring possible career paths. Once you’ve decided on the right fit for you, you are ready to head to school. You just have one more detail to square away. To live with your parents or not? That is the question. Here are some of the pros and cons of living with Mom and Dad that will hopefully make your decision a little easier.

PROS of Living at Home:

Free Food:

Not having to pay for your groceries every week is a huge relief. If you haven’t bought a week’s worth of food before then be ready to spend around to $100-$150 per week. And if you are trying to eat healthier, then chances are all of the food will be even more expensive. And if you live on campus, prepare yourself for a ratchet meal plan. Is that even chicken?

Free Rent:

I myself have taken this for granted for all 21 years of my life. As my college graduation date is just around the corner, this factor is soon to be slammed into my face. I am one of the lucky ones where financial aide applied (Thank the sweet Lord) and so I haven’t had to worry about paying for a room up until now. Searching for apartments and condos is stressful when you start factoring in all of the expenses: electricity, running water, appliances, and more. Taking advantage of living at home in school can be a huge advantage for your future when you are actually trying to save up enough money for a place of your own.

An Actual Room:

A nice bed, bigger than your tiny twin sized bed at school, painted walls, and ceiling lights that aren’t so bright that it actually hurts to open your eyes to. And no one to share it with either. Over priced jail cells aren’t always fun and games.

A Designated Driver:

It’s a little better than a bunch of drunks piled into the back of a taxi. And cheaper.

CONS of Living at Home: 


The thought of being in college and still having to answer to Mom and Dad and walk into your house no later than 11 pm is really quite disheartening.


And no one to share it with either.  That’s right. There are rules at home. You can’t live like a slob when your still living under your parent’s house.


There is none, at least at my house there isn’t. I don’t even have a lock on my door. This is different when you live at school. You can have your own space and still have boys over without having to worry about your dad pulling out the shotgun every time a new one enters the room.

Missing out:

I am not going to lie. Living with roommates has been one of the best experiences of my life. They have turned into my best friends and the sisters I never had. Living on campus also makes it easier to hear about cool events going on and makes meeting people a lot easier.

Are there any other pros and cons of living with your parents?

[photo credit: Lafayette College via photopin cc]