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A lot of college cities have buses and other forms of public transit to get us to and from class. It’s convenient, right? It takes you straight to your classes and straight home. You can get to the grocery store, the mall, the bars, and just about anywhere else that you want to go…except that it’s always crowded. Follow these three rules, and everybody will be much more comfortable.

Put your backpack on the floor.

You know you always end up throwing your backpack on the floor anyway (at home, at the library, and so on). Always remember to put it on the floor when you’re standing. Keeping your backpack on takes up the space of a whole other person, and that sucks for everyone – especially the people who are waiting to get on.

Move to the middle of the train and the back of the bus.

For some reason, everybody always crams themselves near the doors. Maybe people are afraid of missing their stop because they think that they won’t be able to get out. I’m not exactly sure. Regardless, you’ll find the most space in the middle of the train and at the back of the bus. Be adventurous…go where few have gone before. You’ll be able to breathe a lot better, I guarantee it.

Figure out which end of the bus or train you need to be close to.

Then go there. Everybody who gets off at the back of the bus tends to walk back in the direction the bus came in, and everybody who gets off at the front tends to continue walking in the same direction as the bus. Figure out where your destination is, and use that exit. Otherwise, you end up going against the grain and bumping into four or five people. Not to mention that you spin around and whip a couple of people with your backpack full of textbooks.

How do you make space for others while riding public transit?
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Image courtesy of Seattle Municipal Archives via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).