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This summer, we want to challenge people to put down their phones. It has become a huge issue of our generation: we are addicted to our smartphones. They have so much power: internet, social media, interaction with people far away, games, shopping, pictures, and tons of apps. But they also have power over us. We are all guilty of overusing our phones. So our challenge is to use our phones less. The average phone user checks their smart phone as many as 110 times a day…


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Limit yourself. Check Facebook, Instagram and Twitter twice a day: once in the morning, and once at night. That sounds scary, I know–we have come to rely on these types of social media platforms to tells where people are, what they are doing, and what is going on around them, and beyond relying on them, we are addicted to knowing this information! Subconsciously, I will check my lock screen to see if I have any notifications even when I know I don’t. Obviously, there are great things about smartphones. Staying in touch with old friends, staying updated with the latest news, making plans, etc. but there is definitely a line that can be drawn.

Put your phone in your pocket or your purse instead of holding it in your hand. When you are at dinner with friends, don’t have your phone on the table, tempting you to check it. Put it away and engage! When your family member is talking to you, don’t look at your phone and read your texts, ignoring the person who is talking to you. A text can wait.

If you are that tempted by apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, delete them from your phone so that you can only check them when you are home on your computer.

Accidentally leave your phone at home when you go to class. It is freeing. Don’t let your phone be an extension of your body. Appreciate your surroundings. Not very long ago, we lived in a world where there was no such thing as a smartphone and now we cannot even imagine living without one. They are amazing and useful and have made our world a better place, but it is important to remember that we should be able to live without them!

When you’re meeting new people or at a bar or somewhere that makes you uncomfortable, don’t use a phone as a security blanket, use social skills to be outgoing and break the isolating wall of technology.

A video came out about a month ago called “Look Up” which is sort of a PSA for our generation about our technology use:


Next time you reach for to check your phone, stop yourself, break that addiction! Tell yourself it won’t be interesting, you’re not going to see anything of much importance…because its true, you will never be satisfied with what you’re seeing.


Will you use your phone less this summer?

feature image via thedailyneuron