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Amazing news was announced today: Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix. All 7 seasons of arguably (meaning I am saying it and I don’t want you to argue with me) the best show in television history will be available to stream starting October 1st. Granted, I have every episode on DVD, but I am still super excited about this. I don’t have to worry about changing the discs after they finish. If I want to watch a specific episode I can just look at a list. For Gilmore Girls fans, this is a dream come true.

oy with the poodles gilmore girls

You know, if we can’t have a movie and Rory ending up with Jess (after her tour with Obama, come on we don’t anything to compromise her career and he will totally wait for her.)

In honor of this truly momentous occasion, I decided to tackle what might be the impossible: ranking the 10 best episodes of Gilmore Girls. And no, it is not a mistake that there are no episodes from season 7 on this list.

10. The Real Paul Anka (Season 6)

Now, obviously as stated above, I am “team Jess.” I liked this episode because despite it being Jess’ last episode on the show, it offered some closure to his character. The whole Luke/April story line was kinda weird and one I wasn’t totally into but it was cool that she got to meet her cousin and Luke got to do a cool Dad thing like chaperone a field trip to a different city. And that Rory/Jess kiss. That kiss though.

9. Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out (Season 6)

gilmore girls jess mariano

Again, this is on here because of Jess. He returns after being MIA far longer than anyone liked and his return makes Rory start to question her relationship with Logan. She and Lorelai are still estranged which was a total bummer story line.

8. You Jump, I Jump, Jack (Season 5)

gilmore girls you jump i jump jack

Rory was just so good that it was always fun to see her take risks and break out of her comfort zone. Well, with the exception being her affair with Dean. Blech. But when she attends this meeting of the “Life and Death Brigade” for a story and jumps off that totally un-safe looking scaffolding with Logan, I was pretty proud of her. Investigative journalism and cute, slightly dangerous boys are a pretty exciting combination.

7. Lorelai’s Graduation Day (Season 3)

gilmore girls lorelai's graduation

This is an even better example of Rory breaking the rules. She ditches her mom’s graduation to take a bus to New York City! To see Jess! This is probably one of the more metal things that Rory does (well, except for stealing the Yacht but I am not condoning felonies.) Also it is a great (despite the absence of her daughter) moment for Lorelai. She graduates from college, her parents are proud of her, her hair looks great. If only Rory had been there, but she was too busy ditching school.

6. The Lorelai’s First Day at Yale (Season 4)

This episode didn’t mean quite as much to me until I actually moved into my dorm freshman year. Granted my mom didn’t spend the night and I didn’t order copious amounts of food and rate the delivery boys, but the hectic-ness of the whole day and all of the crazy emotions are something that I totally relate to. Plus this episode taught me how to eat in college. Just kidding. Sort of.

5. A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving (Season 3)

gilmore girls thanksgiving

The Gilmore Girls are notorious for their ability to eat, and this episode is their Iron Man. They have to attend four drastically different Thanksgiving dinners. The Kim’s Korean Thanksgiving (Hi Dave aka Adam Brody aka I love you), Sookie’s nightmare dinner with a deep-fried turkey, Luke’s (where Rory gets to be all public with her new beau Jess and it makes her feel super awkward), and then of course Richard and Emily’s which is probably no fun at all. Also there is a side-story where Kirk gets a cat and names it Kirk and cat Kirk drives Human Kirk out of his house which is something that would only happen to Kirk.

4. They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They? (Season 3)

gilmore girls they shoot gilmores dont they

This episode has it all: period costumes, dancing, weird small town traditions, Dave, a public break up, and arbitrary competitions. Only Stars Hollow would have a 24 hour dance marathon. Rory and Dean finally break up because of Jess, Dave is really cute and Kirk wins the dance competition because who else would win something like that.

3. Concert Interruptus (Season 1)

gilmore girls concert interruptus

This one is on here because I love The Bangles, and also because it is the first time Rory finally connects with her peers at Chilton (even if only for a hot second.) It also has a quirky small town event in the form of a rummage sale and some secrets are learned about the grumpy and mysterious Luke. Oh and there is a cameo from Brandon Routh pre-Superman.

2.  There’s the Rub (Season 2)

This is the second best episode of Gilmore Girls for a few reasons. One, it is one of the only times where Emily and Lorelai actually get along and have fun with each other (although it is short lived) and they bond over lipsticks named “dirty trollop” and stealing bathrobes from the fancy spa they are at. Rory gets the house to herself and in true Rory fashion she does NOT have her boyfriend over but instead orders Indian food and studies and does laundry. Isn’t she cute. But of course Paris crashes and Jess shows up and so does Dean and it’s just a great mess involving lots of food.

1. Kiss and Tell (Season 1)

gilmore girls kiss and tell

Okay so despite being a Jess fan, this episode is my favorite of all time. Rory’s first kiss by the soda. The epic movie night that Lorelai invites Dean to. Rory freaking out over what to wear. It’s just so real and innocent and one of the episodes that truly made me fall in love with the show. And you know what? Dean has great hair. I said it.

What is your favorite episode of Gilmore Girls?

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