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I was lucky enough to see a very rough cut of The To Do List earlier this summer. It was a crowded theater, and I had to sit in the very front row. But you know what? Every minute of it was worth it.

If you have no idea what the film is even about, The To Do List is a raunchy comedy set in 1993. It stars Aubrey Plaza as high school valedictorian who, in an effort to shed her uptight image before attending college in the fall, decides to write a “to do list” of all the sexual activities she had yet to experience in high school. These GIFs will give you a gist of the premise:

Aubrey Plaza Writes The To Do List GIF (1) Aubrey Plaza Writes The To Do List GIF (2)(via Tumblr)

While the film kept it safe in terms of how raunchy it could have gone, I thought it was a solid film with a lot of laughs. But maybe that’s not enough of a reason for you to go see it. That’s okay; I’ve got 7 other reasons to go and watch this before you head back to college this fall.

1. Because it’s Aubrey Plaza. Duh.

Parks and Recreation fans will appreciate the humor of this dead-panned goddess. Just look at her.

Aubrey Plaza Winking in the To Do List GIF(via tumblr)

You know you’re gonna laugh if she’s starring in it. And if you don’t know her from any of the other films she’s been dabbling in, then you’re going to feel like this by the end of the film:

Aubrey Plaza The To Do List GIF(via tumblr)

2. Because you can oggle at the beauty that is Jason Street.

Scott Porter The To Do List Premiere in Westwood, California(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

For all you Friday Night Lights fans out there (if you aren’t, then get on Netflix and watch it already! What are you doing?) the ever-loved Jason Street (real name: Scott Porter) is co-starring as this magical creature:

Scott Porter in The To Do List(photo via)

Just look at those abs. You’re still looking, aren’t you?

3. Or Rachel Bilson. Whatever floats your boat.

Rachel Bilson at The To Do List Premiere in Westwood California(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

She is awful pretty. I’m not judging.

4. Or just laugh at the hilarious appearances Donald Glover makes in the film.

Donald Glover in The To Do List(photo via)

Community fans, you know you’ll watch it for one half of the Troy-and-Abed duo.

5. Because of the ultimate 90s throwback soundtrack.

MC Hammer? Salt-n-Pepa? The ever classic Me So Horny? The soundtrack was definitely my favorite part of the entire film. Take a look at what you’ll be listening to if you watch the movie.

6. And the amazing 90s fashion.

Donald Glover and Aubrey Plaza in The Do List(photo via)

Come on, you know you want to shake your head a bit at the things we (and our older siblings) used to think were fashionable.

7. But really, it will give you perspective on what it means to have “experience” before you go to college.

Aubrey’s character realizes life’s biggest lessons by the end of the film, but they are necessary life lessons to learn – especially before you head off to college. Spoiler: you don’t need to feel pressured to be the most experienced person in the world. Let it happen when it happens.

And that’s all the reason you really need, right?

Will you be seeing The To Do List?

Featured photo via Collider