Stiles checks himself into some sort of dark and creepy mental hospital because of the evil that was in his MRI. I’ve always wondered why these types of places aren’t better lit. Of course, not five minutes after arriving, someone hangs themselves from the dramatic stairway.

It’s called Echo House because, as helpfully explained by Stiles’s new roommate, Oliver, who is strapped to the bed, the walls echo. Echo House looks much nicer in the daylight. Like a prep school for extraordinarily attractive, dysfunctional kids, with great hair and cool clothes. Malia is there, and punches Stiles in the face. While on the ground, Stiles has a vision of the basement which is probably where they keep the unfashionable kids.

Stiles has marks on his neck and back that usually appear in lightening strike victims, or wolves. The extremely young and pretty…doctor? gives him amphetamines because sleeping is when bad things happen. In his awakeness, he finds Malia showering in the men’s bathroom because it’s warmer in there and she’s no longer a coyote with a full coat of hair. She wants to go back to being a coyote, and he knows someone who might be able to teach her how to change. But it means breaking into the scary basement.

Scott, Allison, Lydia, and the other wolf people are robbing an armored car to steal Katashi’s fake finger. Sure, why not. And Kira has been practicing her sword skills. She’s at, like, a Kill Bill level of good.

kira teen wolf echo house

For crazy people, they sure do give them a lot of leeway to wander around on their own. But when Stiles tries breaking into the basement, he gets tossed in “the quiet room” and pumped full of a sedative. This leads to the guy with the burlap face and more riddles. Luckily Malia broke the lock and saved him. And, she knows another way into the basement.

There’s something happening with Allison’s father and an older woman with an accent. And oh! The kiddies find the finger! Unfortunately, it’s in the hands of an angry wolf. And he’s a much bigger, badder wolf than these teen wolves. But he’s not too bright and gets overtaken by the old “up here!” trick. They take a tiny scroll out of the fake finger and leave.


The basement has a backwards “5” and it means something that Stiles won’t tell Malia. They make out, clothes come off…I think those crazy kids are gonna make it. After some obligatory cuddling, they hear something on the other side of the wall. Stiles busts a hole in the wall and finds…a clue. “I’ve got to get this to Scott!” And zap with a stun gun from Oliver the batshit crazy roommate. He’s going to let the evil spirits out through a hole in Stiles’s head. That ain’t good.

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