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It’s Sunday morning after Halloweekend, and you have just woken up from a three-day Halloween-rager dressed completely ridiculous, slutty, funny, scary, or a mix of these in a Halloween costume. Ladies, you lost your earrings and your cute hippie headband. Guys you lost your goofy props for whatever get-up you scrambled together. And you didn’t do Halloweekend right unless you lost a little bit of your dignity. Nobody told you that you had to do this to yourself, but you did it again. If there is anything about surviving college that is necessary, it is how to recover from a weekend of excessive partying. You need the ultimate detox (until next weekend).

Unfortunately, there is a major lack of research done on scientific cures for hangovers. This makes sense considering there is definitely more important conditions to research than hangover caused by our own over indulgence of alcohol. Even though there is some science behind hangover cures, we decide what’s best based on legend, experience, and the wonderful World Wide Web. If you’re the conditioned partier, you already know the tricks about greasy foods, water, and Advil. Instead, here are some unique hangover cures to help you recover from your wild weekend.

Hangover Cure Smoothie via Honestly Healthy Food

Make a smoothie with ginger, parsley, tomato, lime, and coconut water. It will help re-hydrate you and replenish your electrolytes. I’m just curious as to how this smoothie tastes, but I suppose we’ll do whatever works post-Halloweekend.

hangover cure smoothie

Photo via Honestly Healthy Food

Eggs Benedict via Gizmodo

Eggs in general seem to be a great hangover cure. Maybe because of the protein or maybe because they are usually combined with greasy foods which notoriously cure hangovers. As the legend goes, in the 1800’s, a wealthy man asked the restaurant at Waldorf-Astoria to make him a sandwich with a poached egg, ham, and hollandaise sauce on top of an English muffin. Hangover cure or excuse to go to a fancy brunch? Hopefully both.

eggs benedict

Photo via Emilie-Who

Prickly Pear Extract via Shape

The actual name of this cactus is opuntia, but for culinary uses, people call it the prickly pear. The plant extract supplement has been said to reduce hangover severity. According to Shape, a dose of 1,600 IU is needed for the effects to benefit you.

prickly pear

Photo via Docs Fitness Tips

Pedialyte Freezer Pops via Slate

Typically a solution for infants who are sick, the Pedialyte drink helps re-hydrate you like a sports drink, except there is less sugar. The freezer pops are even more convenient though because you can eat them while you’re lying down. Unfortunately, the freezer pops don’t include someone to deliver them from your freezer to your bed.

pedialyte freezer pops

Photo via Giant Eagle

Exercise via Health

A little workout and sweat can help you wake up, get out of bed, and force you to eat and drink something. This might be better for a mild hangover or an option for the late afternoon phase of hangover recovery.

exercise cure for hangover

Photo via Health

How are you going to recover from Halloweekend?

feature image via istock