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Remember back in November when we wrote about “Dumb Ways To Die” – a cute, animated video that illustrates all the really dumb ways in which a person can die? It definitely gave “YOLO” a new definition. Well, now “Dumb Ways To Die” has managed to get over 46 million views on YouTube, making it a huuuge Internet sensation. We all loved the video, so it’s easy to see why.

That’s why, when I got word of the fact that the creators developed a “Dumb Ways To Die” game app for iPhone and iPad, I immediately went to the App store and hit the “install” button.

So, what did the creators have to say about it?

Starring all the characters from the viral hit Dumb Ways to Die for Metro Trains Melbourne, the game allows players to flick piranhas away from a character’s private parts and defend another from a snake attack among other ways to avoid being dumb. Players can also pledge to ‘not do dumb stuff around trains’ at the click of a button. (via)

I tested it out right away on my iPhone, of course – I couldn’t resist – and I have to say the app is just as amazing as the video is. First of all, it’s free, so you have no excuse not to download it ASAP. Second, as mentioned, it features all the same characters and examples of dumb ways to die (now in game form, so the player is responsible if the character dies) so it feels like you’re interracting with the original video. And finally, it’s a very fast-paced game that requires you to move and think quickly before time runs out. The incentive for playing over and over again? Every time you reach a certain score, you unlock a new character. Plus, the longer you survive, the more challenges you get to play.

All in all, I’m already loving this app and I think if you’re a fan of the video, you’ll love it too! And don’t worry, I made sure to take screenshots for you! Check ’em out:

Dumb Ways To Die App 1

Dumb Ways To Die App 2

Dumb Ways To Die App 6

Dumb Ways To Die App 3

Dumb Ways To Die App 5

Dumb Ways To Die App 4

Go! Download “Dumb Ways To Die” in the Apple App Store now!