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Sad Professor vs. Frustrated Professor: Battle of the Memes

O, behold the embattled college professor–whose life is so difficult that it has become the stuff of memes. The canon recently received an exciting new candidate, too. People have rushed to embrace the Frustrated College Professor. This poor guy with head to chalkboard has plenty of things to complain about. For example, he teaches in one of the few remaining college classes with a chalkboard. Also, the Frustrated Professor has to go up against the veteran Sad Professor meme, where actor William H. Macy (in a scene from the 1994 film Oleanna) ponders the more depressing aspects of teaching today’s college students. But which is better–Sad Professor or Frustrated Professor? We’re afraid that trying to answer that would make us frustrated or sad. Decide for yourself, as we present our five favorite selections from both of these memorable memes…

Which meme wins: Sad Professor or Frustrated Professor? Let us know in the comments!

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