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You’ve probably already been informed by either your tech-savvy friend or your little sister who’s constantly on her phone about the 250 new Emoji icons that will be unveiled in July, but have you read the list of what they all will resemble?

Some of them are just revamped versions of old ones, like the reversed thumbs up and down signs, some of them are long-awaited and much needed (yes we are referring to the middle finger that’s got everyone abuzz with excitement), but also some of them are freaking weird. We thought it would be a good idea to prepare you for the times when you might just be able to put these new icons to use.

  • Man In Business Suit Levitating

So picture this, you just graduated and are on your first day at this new job and are so elated to be there it feels like you’re walking on air. You have to find a way to describe it to your friends who are all wanting to know who it’s going, ergo the levitating businessman. That or you absolutely hate it and wish you could float away.

  • Envelope With Lightning

Well here’s an unmistakable Harry Potter reference if we’ve ever heard one. Clearly the situation where this Emoji best fits is when you’re talking about how badly you wanted to receive a letter from Hogwarts when you turned 11.

  • Clamshell Mobile Phone

This one’s a bit tricky because it seems like it would only apply to a very specific person, mermaids obviously. Since service in the Marianas Trench is murder no doubt, Ariel probably only uses her phone when she’s signing autographs and taking pictures with little girls at Disney World, so, Ariel, when you’re where the people are and need to get in touch with Prince Eric fast, just shoot him that little icon via text and he’ll know how to reach you.

  • Frame With An X

For when you’re talking about that second cousin, three times removed, black sheep of the family.

  • Raised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring Fingers

That’s right! Oh yeah! Live Long and prosper! This one’s not really weird at all because people who like Star Trek are not weird OK? The Vulcan sign can be used whenever by whoever.

Everyone’s favorite texting accessory is broadening its horizons for sure with these newbies, and we can’t wait to see how people apply them in their perhaps not-so-everyday conversations.

What’s your favorite new Emoji?

Image via I Heart Daily